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Cricekt update on Sachin

Bangalore, May 26: Sachin Tendulkar, who has been battling a bad elbow for nearly a year now, has been ruled out of cricket for a minimum of four months after undergoing surgery on his left elbow.

According to reports, Tendulkar was operated upon in London on Monday. The operation was successful, Dr Andrew Wallace, the orthopaedic surgeon who examined Tendulkar, said.

"Sachin Tendulkar was admitted on Monday to the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital for treatment to his left elbow. He underwent a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic for a condition affecting the extensor tendons," Dr Wallace said.

"The procedure was successful and there were no complications. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow and make a full recovery. He should be fit to play top-level cricket in approximately 16 weeks, he added."

Tendulkar missed three one day tournaments last year due to a tennis elbow. The break from the game affected his batting form as well, although he did play an important part in the Test that India won against Australia in Mumbai. The little master also caught up with Sunil Gavaskar at the top of the century-makers list in Tests.

If the recovery period does take as long as indicated, then Tendulkar will miss the triangular one-day tournament in Sri Lanka which starts on August 1. He could also be ruled out of the tour to Zimbabwe in September. If things go according to plan, he should be be fit to take on the Australians, if selected, in the Super Series, which will be held in October.

Sachin is in the elite list of those who have scored 10,000 run or more in Test cricket, a list that includes such names as Alan Border of Australia, Sunil Gavaskar of India, Steve Waugh of Australia and Brian Lara of West Indies.
It sounds kind of strange that one can get "tennis" elbow from playing cricket ! Smile Anyway, hopefully he will recover fully soon so that he and his friends can get beaten by my cricket team in the future Smile

There is not much point in playing against weak opponents Smile

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