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Music brainwashes you.. kinda

I'm not really against music (who would be?). Most people like a song because of its catchy tune, and how it's enjoyable to sing it. Others like it because of the lyrics and how they can relate so much to what the artist is singing.

I happen to be one of the latter. And I realized that in my high school years, where most people experience their heart broken for the first time, I began to start liking those type of 'emo' songs (which I make fun of now). I have a theory and it goes like this:

It feels good to really have something in common with someone (the writer of the song) at one of your sadest moments in life. And I had an experience where I really liked this song because of a particular line that I resonated so much with. Eventually I feel like the whole song relates to me even if in reality only one of the lines are true. So I theorized that the music back then kind of brainwashed me and made me more emotional at that time.

I might be exaggerating when I call it brainwashing, and I guess it works the other way around where some music can uplift you and cheer you up.
Yeah this area is actually really interesting. I am one of those crazy people that are seriously hyped against any sort of state propaganda or being influenced by multinational corporations, yet I produce music that has a very odd dedicated following and I have to admit that I might be a bit of a brainwasher myself. I think there's one distinction that makes this important though, brainwashing for the sake of financial gain or creating social change that you personally agree with is a bit on the unethical side. Giving you a piece of art like a music track for example however, it's like.. more personal brainwashing, without an agenda, it's a part of my soul that I have given to you which then effects your soul, even if you only understand 0.5% of where I was originally coming from with the abstract conceptualization it's pretty special because it's communication between two human beings that transcends language.

I was actually watching Exit Through The Gift Shop with my buddy yesterday for the millionth time and we didn't like the idea of "Mr. Brainwash", we felt Terry really misunderstood that art like that is primarily anti-brainwashing, albeit arguably using their own weapons against them (them being "the man" or "the system" or whatever you want to call it)
Leonard B. Meyer book Emotion and Meaning in Music (1956)
discusses how music creates emotional experiences to his listeners.
Of course music washes your brain somehow, but that's just ok -
I wouldn't say that most brains are somehow dirty, too, but that's another problem...

It's more that there are so many brainwashing things around us, so music is not the worst problem by far -
just think of TV, all the stuff you find in the internet, newspapers and all that ****, think of politics and religion, or think of all the jobs so many people have to do day by day, utterly boring and repetitive. Or even think of activities like cleaning teeth or washing dishes e-v-e-r-y--d-a-y ...

If you're not completely dull by now, there is so much music to choose from, you can certainly wash your brain in a good way with music!
I love being brainwashed by music too. Usually calms me or when I feel in a very energetic mood energizes me more. Music definitely has lots of power to move me.
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