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When the teacher destroys the interest into astronomics

Do you know this feeling, the feeling when you finally get to learn all the interesting stuff about the universe, that you always wanted to study? Where you could eventually answer eagerly anticipated questions like how big the universe is and why the stars twinkle or how the sun is keeping us alive. Because I know how it felt like.

But now, two years later, after I started to study the great subject of the cosmos, I am surprised that we got so far. You're wondering why? Well, I'll tell you.

So the two years ago, after I came back from the US and learned some pretty interesting stuff already about space, I decided to take some astronomics class to fullfill my dreams to explore the final frontier. However, back then already, my friends warned me not to do so, because the teacher sought to be a jerk. The classes, my friends said, were just like 'dust in the wind'. "You should rather do geometry or economics than this if you want to survive the creek of boredom". (They apparently were talking about school.) But my decision was final: I will study astronomics!
When I had my first lesson, I was quite excited. My jittereness almost killed me. I was so ready to learn the secrets of the universe!
But then, I met the teacher.
I've seen him before couple of times wondering around in school. With a cleavage(and it wasn't a joy for the eyes). And a monstrous mustache, scruffy and smelly. From the time he started to speak, I knew, that this man doesn't come to school to teach eager students, but rather just to do his job which is telling some odd stories and formulas to us just so we can recite in the tests.
At first, I thought like the others, that he is the biggest jerk at school. That his only purpose is to torture us with facts from his beloved 1970's astronomics book. And that his only talent is ignore us totally. But then I started to pity him.
Everytime I see him, I'm just thinking, what a sad person he is, trying to teach us something he doesn't understand himself, begging for our attention, that we waste on our smartphones and homework for other classes, and hoping that at least one student will understand what he's talking about.

So, the message I want to share with you is, to not struggle for something awesome like The Universe just because of a sad teacher or anyone else. Just keep your head up and follow your dreams.
Thanks for your wisdom and advice. It is a pretty common problem that bad teachers can completely ruin a subject for his or her students. I know because I had an English teacher who was similar in his manner of teaching and it really turned me off reading and writing for a while, even though I eventually ended up enjoying it later on down the line. I agree that these teachers shouldn't be the reason why you don't enjoy or pursue a topic, but sadly enough that is usually the case for many people. It's an endemic problem that there are so many bad teachers in schools and universities.
Petete wrote:

So, the message I want to share with you is, to not struggle for something awesome like The Universe just because of a sad teacher or anyone else. Just keep your head up and follow your dreams.
That's very true. Can't be something worse than a teacher spoiling what should have been fun - that's when capital punishment might be a great idea (just kidding Wink ).

Just imagine having a teacher like this one - Neil deGrasse Tyson (New York Astrophysicist)

Every time when I listen to something he teaches, I feel as though I'd been missing a teacher like that in my life. New York is lucky to have someone like him for sure! A natural born teacher.
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