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Running FastPlaz

Fastplaz is a free open source web framework for freepascal/lazarus and it’s occasionally being updated. Its solution looks like it can run on many servers. Another free open source web framework for freepascal is Mormot(has mammoth features). Regularly updated but is Delphi first then freepascal.
Download Fastplaz from
Choose the github Development version :

Apache local server

On Lazarus ide menu chose package—install/uninstall packages—on available for installation choose weblaz—install selection—save and rebuild ide
fastplaz _tools.lpk
Unzip the fastplaz github folder
Go to fastplaz-development/tools and double click fastplaz_tools.lpk
Open package—choose use on package dialog then install
fastplaz _runtime.lpk
Unzip the fastplaz github folder
Go to fastplaz-development/tools and double click fastplaz_runtime.lpk
Open package—choose compile on package dialog –after compiling choose use on package dialog then add to Project

Create a new fastplaz application
On lazarus ide menu choose file—New. On New dialog box choose Create New Fastplaz Application and click Ok.
On FastPlaz Project Wizard
Fill in the Project Name
Fill in the Webroot Directory. Here choose your path of your local Apache Server/www/your project.
Check the checkbox Web Directory/Files Structure. Vital to have the htaccess file. If you didn’t check go to the fastplaz github unzip folder—fastplaz-development/public_html and copy the htaccess file to your webroot directory
Click Ok

Compile executable path
On Lazarus ide menu chose Project—Project Options
On Options for Project choose Paths
In Target file name (-o):
fill in your Apache webroot directory/www/your project/compile folder/compiled executable eg
Apache webroot directory/www/project1/public/project
Click Ok

Save All
On Lazarus ide menu choose File—Save All
It saves your project name and unit pas files(main.pas, routes.pas)

Compile and Start Your Apache Server
On Lazarus ide menu choose Run—Compile
Start your Apache server and run your project1/public folder.
Click the Click here link web page then refresh the browser
copy your project1/public folder to apache webroot/public folder-this is the folder you can carry to any apache server.
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