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Liverpool Fans

The injury list looks like you can have a new team. Maybe they have not used in running a little more or in zing zang direction. The news is that they will have an opportunity to sign new players. Their priority is a fit defender.

On Lallana might not be scoring or assisting but he is causing trouble with his movements or providing as a second assist. Sturridge should be mentoring Jordan Ibe-he looks promising. Firminho should improve on quick decisive decision. Now Firminho has been decisive and should be the main focal point comes summer.

Wait is it because of their number of games liverpool are playing. The good thing of many games will make people want to watch liverpool.

If Alex not Pato but Teixeira is signed then liverpool will click to samba if gegenpressing wont work.
From Alex Lacazette to Pato to Teixeira interest, Liverpool should atleast sign one Alex.

It a moment of reflection for Alex Teixeira, you have the power to make a decision but it is not in your hands.

A lesson learning from Klopp is not a guy singing overpriced player.

Well it is easier saying than playing.
I am a die hard fan of Liverpool, its my dream to watch them play live on the ground!!!
zarawatsonn wrote:
I am a die hard fan of Liverpool, its my dream to watch them play live on the ground!!!

Keep you dream burning. To me is liverpool win the league and how the league has started, it does not look good for Liverpool.
Sometimes Liverpool plays like they will be champions and the next time Liverpool seems that needs more signings. One thing that may be clear is Liverpool will either be the team that scores the most goals or second best after Man City.
Liverpool have found the new SaS (Sadio and Sturridge) or RaS (Roberto and Sadio)
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