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Gta V online gamming reviews

After the disappointing PC version of GTA IV, this is a welcome relief. You’ll have to sacrifice some of the finer details, like the gorgeous depth of field effects and ultra high-res textures, but it’s entirely possible to play and enjoy GTA V without a super powerful PC. If you have the muscle to run it at max settings, the visual fidelity is astonishing. Driving through the city at night in a storm, neon signs reflecting in the puddles and on the rain-slicked hood of your car, it almost looks photorealistic.

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Sure you get some more visuals but the driving was better in the prior.
The graphics has improved much better. The lags have been reduced from the previous version and it looks really cool when you start playing it.
yes less lag, but the driving sucks. It is like a rc car now
Well I think it's more realistic, which is kinda fun. It's not as easy to control, but it takes a lot of skill to master. You can't just go speedingl ike crazy and expect to go where you want accurately. You need to learn how to manipulate the car and use the handbrake better. The previous game you could pretty much just go as fast as you want, then hit the handbrake and spin for the turns -- super easy. But I imagine they want to make it harder because with the game online now, they don't want to make it too easy for people to drive around recklessly. There should be some realism, and I think the new version did it well.
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