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Go Step Up

You want to be successful. You want to build a business. You want 2016 to be your breakthrough year right?

It’s time to get serious and step up! The fastest way to become successful is think about the things that make you uncomfortable and DO THAT. Is it launching your first product? Reaching out to other bloggers to post on their blog? Is it recording webinars?

Whatever you are most scared to do is probably the quickest path to success… These are the things that are standing in your way from building a successful business.

Step up and take a leap of faith. Will it be uncomfortable, Yes. Will it be hard, Yes. But it will be the best learning experience you can get and the fastest way to get over your fears.

Most people on this forum know enough to build a successful business but it is those that take that leap and do the uncomfortable that end up successful. Don't be afraid Don't Lost Hope. Year of the monkey good for business.

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HM, right now a good opportunity is to sell better boats for those who make the run over the mediterrainian sea...
Da Rossa
AirH3ad, your topic was wonderful. At first anyone could think it is a cliché, but you remembered me that I want to make 2016 be about fixing my problem: focus. I have a lot of potential... all unused, unfortunately.

Thanks. Have a nice year!
That is an inspirational thing that you have quoted in the forums. I have read like dozens of such things and watched even more videos related to it. But my problems is that I cannot act upon what I read. It's tough. I make plans but following up is tough. Just doing it is the toughest part for me as once I start doing something, I complete it.
It's normal for most of us. The more someone cares and the more times he/she spends thinking about stuff that need to get done, the harder they are to do Very Happy Plans are easy, plans are fun!
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