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Google Country Defaults

There are many things that irritate me about Google, but the one that is the worst by far is the country default issue. I.e. I'm a Canadian expat in the UAE, so if I click on Google, it goes to Arabic, and trying to find the spot where one can change the language when it is all written in Arabic is a HUGE headache.

So for a while I was lucky, as someone posted a helpful link, so i got my home page to default to this link:

Alas, 15 December Google stepped up the ante, and now that link has been made redundant too. Has something to do with Google not going where you ask it to go, but instinctively identifying where you really are.

Thankfully after Googling this to death I found a Geek who posted this suggestion for an alternative link which I've now posted in my browser's default URL - and it works!
Thank you so much for sharing this info with us. The same thing happened to me as well. I used to type but it redirects to my own country page. Now got the solution.
By default, when you type in your browser, it will redirect you to your country home page, but if you want to go for, you just type at the address bar, this will redirect you to
I too enjoy the Google website in English rather than my local language. I have been using the internet in English and getting redirected to my country specific homepage with my local script generated with the help of Unicode is a bit too uncomfortable for my browsing habits. It's not that I don't understand it or don't prefer it, it's that I prefer English websites more.

The same problem I have with YouTube. I prefer the worldwide version of YouTube and every time I log out or use a private window, it redirects me to a country specific version with trending and recommended videos on the homepage that I would never watch.
It sounds like Google is trying harder to get people to log in so they can be tracked easier. I have preferred Duckduckgo for some time, but I have no idea how well it works in different countries. My guess is they will prefer to make it easy to set language and region without unnecessarily collecting personal information.

I did try just for kicks. It redirected to Whether they treat this as a request for US region or not I have no idea, since I am in there already and it works fine for me.
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