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Use Case Diagram & Sequence/Behavior model

I need a help on making the use case diagram + sequence/behavior model for a software. It is actually a practice question for my exam. The scenario is given to us as follows:

Islington College is a reputed college in Nepal offering state of the art British undergraduate and postgraduate courses in IT and Business. The college, established more than a decade ago, now has an active student base of more than a thousand students, making it one of the preferred destinations for students looking to pursue higher studies in IT and business. Every year, as many as 500 new students get enrolled out of more than thousand leads (potential students) who visit the college or show their interest in getting admitted to the college. Moreover the college is looking to decentralize itself and hence has established various branches throughout the country and beyond. The branches of the college are formed in various cities like Biratnagar, Itahari and Pokhara.
The Business Development Department of the college is primarily responsible for all the marketing and leads collection campaigns conducted by the college and its branches. All the promotional events and expos organized and taken part by the college is motived to collect leads so they can be counselled and inspired to get admitted. The department’s major business activity, hence, is to manage the leads and follow them up, track their status and make managerial reports so that the top management of the college can keep tabs on the current and future admission rates. Follow-up is the process of contacting the lead and encouraging them to get admitted, and is done primarily via telephone calls, alternatively email and text messages are also involved. Follow-up is carried out by counsellors, a number of whom are employed by BD Department. Each lead is dealt with by a counsellor and is responsible for all follow-ups done on the lead. Islington College has been doing enormous marketing campaigns and hence the number of leads and the potential students has surged up massively, causing hands-on problems for the department to manage them manually.
The college is hence looking to automate this task and outsource the development to the third party developers. You are to form a team of 4-5 members and send a proposal to the company, as well as design and develop the system.
The outline (high level requirements) of the system put forth by the BD Department is as follows:
 Counselors’ profile management: Customized Dashboard for each counsellors displaying stats/records of the leads looked after by him/her.
 Entry of data of the new leads in an individual basis or in bulk. Contact details are mandatory.
 Modification of the leads data, but not deletion even in case they are not genuine.
 Follow up entry of each leads individually by counsellor. Maximum of 8 follow-ups. Follow-ups could be daily or weekly.
 Status of the lead, tracked during follow-up.
o Active status means the lead is interested. Default status.
o Expired status means the lead didn’t turn up after 8 follow-ups.
o Dismissed status means the lead is not interested.
o Postponed status means the lead is postponed for next semester.
 Entry of the lead’s Feedback by the Counsellor on each follow-up.
 Conversion of the lead into student in case the lead gets admitted.
 Top Management should be able to access the MIS Report:
o Counsellor Report: Stats on Follow-ups done by each Counsellors.
o Active Leads Report: Number and stats of active leads on each semester and projected admission rate.
o Status Report: Stats of leads of different status.
o Customized Report: Date-wise, Semester-wise, Counsellor-wise Leads report.

The application is to be made in PHP and the mentioned diagrams are required. Any form of help or suggestion would be appreciated.
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