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my website

do u like games? so my page may be your community for games
-you request cheats for a game on the forum and less 24 hours well have it
-the first bilingüal web (spanish english) and its about being trilingual
-you can play online without registering
-you can post in our great community (gonchiwebs community>index of all gonchiwebs webs forums)
- you can download free hundreds of freeware games and online games for you computer for free. (we dont support cracked games)
-you have guides about games and info about consoles
-latest games news
its really new, so i hadnt time for putting lots of things, but if you wanna help we want moderators and administrators. ahmm and please tell me if you like it!
see ya!
edit: i forgot to put the url haahaha
Very good. Any chance of translation to English?
is this built by php?
Nice site... I guess the contents you'll be publishing will be in Spanish?

windval wrote:
is this built by php?

Yea, he has used PHPNuke.
cool site
thanks guys! well, ive started since last week so i hadnt much time, but my goal is to tralsating to english and then into another lengauge (possibly french or italian)
i tell you when it is completely translated
and..... about php nuke, the best is nukeet 3.2 by truzone, the problem its that truzones web is in spanish, but the nuke et it is completably suitable for one or more lenguages, and english and spanish are the default Wink so try it, its muchhhh better that php nuke. heres the link..
see ya
Hm it looks nice, but why do u have 2 Inlog parts.
i saw your site. i like the design and the colors. i don't understand spanish, but i could guess a few words. my only suggestion is to get an english version of the site.
I like the site, and the skin especially, but your hotlinking Embarassed
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