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Celebrating my 10th Year in Frihost.

I joined frihost 10 year before 14th November 2005. So i am celebrating my 10th year with frihost. Thankyou frihost for providing best hosting for 10 years!!!.
Well done! Thanks for all of the posts you made as some of them have been VERY helpful to me on the tech side.

Congratulations. Looks like you need to post your way out neg or request a reset.
Great. Time flies by and when I see this kind of threads, I feel a bit old Rolling Eyes
That's why it's very important to get rid of all the mirrors! Shaving from time to time helps a lot too Very Happy
old schoolers represent!
I'm less than a month away from 10 years, myself. Honestly, on the one hand that's terrifying because time really flies. One the hand hand, it's even more terrifying that Frihost has kept a website of mine up for a decade...despite me hitting -500 points today. Shocked
So many middle aged guys in this forum Smile
RosenCruz wrote:
So many middle aged guys in this forum Smile
Razz True. Guess 10 years do represent a time shift in most lives.
And the older we are, the faster it does! That's why it's important to waste as little as possible Smile
Hi guys yes 10 years is a big chunk.
I wonder who you all are?
Leaving that aside. Frihost was and has been really good. I've used it for some of my hosting and had a few laughs.

I'm using another free service (in addition) called Heroku.
I started building things in pure JavaScript and you need a different service for that.
chasbeen wrote:
Hi guys yes 10 years is a big chunk.
I wonder who you all are?

heh yeah it's weird I saw someone on IRC saying that the other day. said this a bunch but one time I was wearing my avatar as a shirt and a guy I just met from my computing class was like "you use frihost by any chance?". small world.
I have been here too long. But still have the site up so I just keep prolonging it... I Think this is a complete waste of time, still my choice of a free site.... And I don't have the energy to look for a new site... hahaha
Congratulations !
I wonder what chance one has realisticly to get away from a minus some thousand points.
Is it possible to buy Frihost points with Frihost $ or coins ?

In Germany we have something called 'private insolvency'.
If you have too much to pay back you can request a 'private insolvency'. That means all borrower agree on an amount of dollars ( Euro in our case Wink ) you are able to pay back in the next 6 years, after that you are clear of debt.

May be we need a similar concept in Frihost ? Like: you agree to gain 10 points per week for the next 3 or 6 month, then your points get reset to 0 ?
I like the idea about Frihost private insolvency. Sounds like an interesting idea. Thing is there doesn't seem to have been a need for it in the past as Bondings is quite generous about resetting points when someone returns to post.

I don't know what is happening with Servers 2 and 3 hosting accounts as only Bondings has access to them, but it looks like the accounts with very high minus scores aren't active any longer. I really don't know what the magic cut off is, but maybe Bondings does have one. Or who knows, I could be completely wrong, and there is a technical reason for their inactive accounts, like someone trying to brute force an inactive account in which case there would have been a spontaneous block on the account by DirectAdmin.
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