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Do you ever click banner ads?

Just kinda wondering if you ever click on banner ads on websites?

I click on banner ads like for places like here where I'm getting some really nice service and its for free and they make all their profit off of ads. Otherwise I dont really care.
If I like the site, every once in a while.
If the ads actually interest me, yes.

Otherwise I just keep scrolling down. Which is why I hate those flash ads that scroll down with you.
I hardly click banners, maybe 1/1000.
I hate banners. Bcoz of them site loads slow Mad
if its something interesting i click, but its never anything interesting;p
i click on them if i like the site Smile
Only if I think there is something of interest to me.
And that can depend on my mood, the time of day (or night), my workload, my social pressure, ...
And since I have this ad blocker thingie running in my Firefox, most of the ads never reach me, so I guess I may click 1/10'000 ...
And even that is too much to my mind ...
I don't remember the last time that I clicked on a banner ad...

Well, I do remember, but it has always been on accident, as I'm trying to click on something else. Mainly on MySpace and whatnot where there's three banners for every normal link.
Sometimes I click them, usually if it's one of those games like "knock out Mike Tyson and get a free..." I just play the game and when the pop-up window comes up, firefox blocks it so I can keep playing all I want.
(WHAT!!!! I sit here almost all day with nothing to do, what do you expect?) Twisted Evil
Never Have, Probobly never will.
Popups, however: yes on occasion.
I click on ads that interest me. Or sometimes I click on them accidently.

And, I have no idea if google adsense will like this, I'll inform Bondings Very Happy
No. I'd have to see them first.
I seldom click on a banner. Only if I find the ad very very very interesting otherwise I just let it passed. Cool
Ocassionally - not very often.
If they are interesting then I click on them but very rarely.
Yes I will sometime click the banner ads.
I just registered and have allready clicked on the chitika ads..! i have heard they have really good cpc's..
It appears this topic might go off and Google won't like it. So, I have to close this topic. You know, precautions are needed, it's better to be safe than sorry Wink.

On a side note,

Lockwolf appears to love 404 error pages Laughing

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