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General Chat, who was he?

He took armies further, motivated his men from the front of the line and faced the enemy on their terran but always on his terms.

They say he modelled himself on Tran Hung Dao, the Mongolian Empire general who led the strongest army there.

What other Generals do you admire and what do you most admire about General Chat?
Didn't you do this thread already?

2009 and I remembered it. Note to brain,stop filling my head up with stuff I don't need to remember and save some space for some important stuff. Wink
Yes correct Hi truespeed
We never found out enough about the great man!
I didn't see the original thread and thought this thread was a hoot! Nice job!
We are talking about Alexander the Great? Is that correct?
truespeed wrote:
2009 and I remembered it. Note to brain,stop filling my head up with stuff I don't need to remember and save some space for some important stuff. Wink

Lol nice job! I don't think you have the right to complain, I'm sure many people would love to replace their crashingly faulty memory with remembering too much Very Happy

There was a documentary about people with rare condition, which causes them to remember EVERYTHING. All that has ever reached their senses is coded and stays coded forever. And just like you, they don't enjoy it! They say it's like having a supercomputer that takes loads of energy always on and having a split screen in life - one part is what's happening, the other one instantly reimagines what already happened in super high-speed vision. They say it's like brain is constantly recounting past memories and recoding them without their knowledge. They say it's super-tiring and there's no way to mentally turn it off.
The big brother to private chat....

He began his career as an artillery officer, and he maintained a love for artillery throughout his reign. He put enormous emphasis on the power of field guns to change the tide of battle, and his wars happened to coincide with revolutions in cannoneering technology that made his visions possible.

He favored lighter, more mobile cannon than his enemies, and he deployed him in independent companies that were not hamstrung in their actions by the movement of supporting infantry or cavalry.

His artillery commanders were therefore able to put more constant, reliable pressure on an enemy, helping with Napoleon's characteristic aggressive posture and maneuvering.
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