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my web site design !


who cant see
nice, but the background little bit more black @ the top
GTA wrote:

who cant see

The green box should probably not go all the way to the right side, the 'By...' at the bottom could be a nicer font and the grey footer is a bit flat.

Otherwise, nice one!
nice not bad at all
i think maybe there freen is too big
Very nice!

Id agree with the above poster who suggested that you have the green box centered and not going all the way to the side though Smile
I think it looks good, but I would make the bottom bar smaller. You don't need it that big for only a small amount of text. Reduce the left and right margins some too so the main page is larger. By margins, I mean the black part to the left and right.
Generally, it's nice.
Only thing I feel not so good is too much space...
very nice, ICQAdmin??????
there is something wrong with the bottum text field right-up corner.
And mayb put a sentence in your header cause it's quiet empty

but it's a good start Smile
My opinions about it are:
1) The logo isnt really catchy, and looks "cheap"
2) The green nav-bar isnt centralized, and its sections are not equal.
3) The yellow background isnt centralized either.
4) The content boxes are seriously ugly, and look stretched. Also not centralized.
5) Now, the thing with the bottom is, that its THE MOST ugly part. The text doesnt fit, the right corner is messed up, its not centralized etc etc...

Not a bad start though, keep it up! Very Happy
One thing I saw that no one else mentioned is all of the arrows in the orange header. It wouldn't be bad if they weren't randomly placed, but if you're gonna do that, just keep one and leave it under your logo.
i dont know if someboduy else mentioned it but the bottom text box (with your name in it) kinda goes out of the white frame and yeah thats it. otherwise not that bad but i have to agree that the logo is really cheap

Bad logo and bacground
it is a pretty good site I'd say, the logo is the kind of thing you usually see on small personal sites...
Nice! I like the BG colors. Just becareful when you slice it. Having too many images is always a way to slow down the leading proccess, thus losing visitors. Also make sure you set the images as BG images once you finish coding. If you need any help at all, I'd be glad to help b/c im currently very bored and I work quite well with PS and coding and whatnot. If you dont, you can always chekc out and as they are there to help Webbies such as ourselves!
Yeah, if you want I can show you some preloaders, I like to have some music a little intro, then you will have the option available to continue when preloading is done... it can be done with a movie to during the intro, but that causes big lag...
Not too bad. I dislike the colors, but its personal preference.
mattd8752 wrote:
Yeah, if you want I can show you some preloaders, I like to have some music a little intro, then you will have the option available to continue when preloading is done... it can be done with a movie to during the intro, but that causes big lag...

You really don't need a preloader for a non-flash website. Confused
GTA wrote:

who cant see

Hi I love it!! It's really the kind of designs that suits me Very Happy
Siple organized and coloured. But try some blue or degradation of blue-gray instead of the green, you get already enough contrast with the orange and the red components!

Try as well a nicer font at the bottom, maybe it'll suit better the overall impression Very Happy
Rating: 3/10

1. Page starts too far from the top of the page, honestly dont know why is there such a wasted space.

2. The green bar not centralized or any other way of justification.

3. Seems that all elements are kind of floating, not justified anywhere.

4. Some elements are really ugly, seems stretched.

5. "Design by..." seems to catch the eye little too much, be aware that clients dont like that. (dunno if its ur page or done for a client thou)

6. Overall color scheme.
v good, the desgined by is a bit big, and is does strt to far down tho
Yup, nice one, but it might be good if you fill the balnk spce on th top (it's not good if someone visit your page and see that half of his/her browser window is blank and your site coming after that Smile

Another thing, it might be good if you scroll the ICQ admin and the square surrounding it down, so it won't be look to far go up Sad

and the other thing is, it might be good if you not only use a white line for the frame border, maybe a futuristic line would be good Very Happy
The colors and areas looks great, but cut the top black area and center the green.

Other than that the design idea is nice one.
Love it
Just one quick suggestion, there is the green area (im gathering for a menu) and then a left bordered area (im gathering for another menu)
well, if so u might want to try a simple dropdown givign you more room for actual site content
Looks sorta like a template, but its pretty nice. I like Very Happy
very nice. did u use photoshop?
Nice i like it, are you going to use it as your template?
logo looks cheap! green part is to big and its nothing special! a lot of sites have layout like this!!
i m not so agree tat u using green at tat part..n why the logo..recycele?
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