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india and world historical view

know abt indian history
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india with a rich culture has one of the oldeset and still living culture in the world
as we all know there was very famous universities in history lies in india some examples
are takshila can be found in bihar
the indian call themselves as "jagatguru" teacher of the world
so more and more reaserch is to be done on this issue.
Not trying to be offensive, but India is extremely poor at general knowledge these days. Just hearing how people religiously bath in your holy Ganges shows how completely unconscious about basic things Indian people are these days.

My country has 20% more Noble laureates than yours, despite being 40 times less populated! And it still is a drop in the ocean compared to the real scientific powerhouses like United States or Germany which have dozens or even hundreds of times more laureates than my country!

Human rights violations are also a big issue in India, but it looks like things are improving, especially women's rights and how people react to rape now compared to how they reacted 10 and 20 years ago.

Hinduism is a wonderful religion, probably the most colorful and fascinating one to study! Another bright side is that stuff like yoga is an untapped knowledge that's way ahead of our times. Science still can't explain majority of it and yet often it has better healing properties than the newest medicines.

India was a cultural powerhouse that contributed so much to the world, but has been in a coma in recent centuries, with USA, Europe and countries like China outpacing it a lot. Still, I think sooner or later it's going to come back to its former greatness, just like China came back from being a *#$%hole of the world to the economical strength that it is today.
tonberry wrote:
Hinduism is a wonderful religion, probably the most colorful and fascinating one to study!

Here you got it completely wrong. Hinduism is actually a curse for India. It divide its followers in several castes.
While I myself am Buddhist and have never been to India, I know of no reason to believe that Hinduism is the direct cause of the caste system in India. If that is specified somewhere in a Hindu religious text and/or if Hindu spiritual leaders promote the caste system as a part of that religion, then I can see it. However, Hindu priests (I forget their title) were the highest caste and would have had a vested interest in promoting the caste system because of it, so it is an indirect cause. I would like to know how the caste system came about in the first place.

The cast system would have been maintained without the priests, because someone else would have been at the top. Japan was a good example before WWII. The samurai were the top caste, effectively.

Edit: Japan is largely a Buddhist nation, but is was mostly Shinto at the time is social hierarchy was developed, and while that structure is looser now, Shinto is still very influential, if not dominant there as a religion.
sailor69 wrote:
While I myself am Buddhist and have never been to India, I know of no reason to believe that Hinduism is the direct cause of the caste system in India.
I agree. It's people who are responsible for the caste system - particularly ones who like to control others - got nothing to do with religion or a belief system, more like trying to use the latter as a way of getting people to do the bidding of those who are in control. Not limited to a caste system though, like people all over the world try and control one another with all kinds of religion or belief systems.
Actually caste system is the integral part of Hinduism. And yes, ALL religious books of hindus support caste system. One of the most popular hero/god of hinduism Rama killed Sambuk because he was not authorized to perform religious rites as Sudra. It is written in religious book Ramayana.

Another hero/god Krishna in Gita tells that people born from parent of different castes are paapyoni ie people born from sin.
Manusmriti is religious law book of Hindus, which orders to kill Sudra who reads religious books. It has different punishment for same crime based on one's caste. For example if any non-Brahmin kills a Brahman he must be killed. But if a Brahman kills a Sudra, his crime is equal to killing a cat.
Listen to the time before the English came. Its very very fascinating.
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