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Check whether an e-mail account has been compromised

Just picked up on something that looks legit for picking up on whether one's e-mail accounts have been compromised. Apparently there was a real scandal with Adobe at one stage, so an Ozzie designed a system whereby one can check whether one's e-mail is OK:

Kind'a reminds one to change one's passwords regularly. Razz

What is the site all about?

This site came about after what to date, remains the largest ever single breach of customer accounts Adobe. I often did post-breach analysis of user credentials and kept finding the same accounts exposed over and over again, often with the same passwords which then put the victims at further risk of their other accounts being compromised.

The FAQs page goes into a lot more detail, but all the data on this site comes from publicly leaked "breaches" or in other words, personal account data that has been illegally accessed then released into the public domain. Have I been pwned? aggregates it and makes it readily searchable.

deanhills wrote:
Kind'a reminds one to change one's passwords regularly. Razz

Always a good idea to change passwords but a pain nonetheless.
LastPass is a great plugin for passwords. Truly safe passwords are extremely hard to remember and different passwords should be used for each website so I can't imagine a life without LP. It installs as a browser plugin and stores passwords for websites. It's extremely safe and convenient.

One downside is that when you want to log in somewhere from someone else's computer, you need to install LastPass first and people usually don't like guests installing unknown plugins on their computers so it's a bit problematic. Also, even though it's safe, there's no guarantee that it won't get compromised so it's good to write down all the passwords every year, while changing them at the same time for extra safety (an occasional change is great for safety).

I got my Gmail account compromised once and with it my Youtube account (where I had many cherry-picked videos added to favorites) and Google RSS when they had one (with tons of interesting websites added) so I'm quite paranoid about those things to prevent another loss like that Smile
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