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I have been experimenting with a few different tools. Camstudio using the latest version from and with Screencastify, a Google Chrome plug-in. My goal is to have a portable tool for creating short video tutorials when I am doing consulting work. Often I do not have access to a piece of software to create a tutorial from my personal machine, and an in house IT department closely monitors the software installed on company machines. Usually, I will not have permissions to install any software requiring registry entries. Camstudio worked well enough; however, the file size bloats to 2GB in a matter of 1-2 minutes and I was unable to install a lighter codec via a portable solution. Any suggestions are welcome!
You might want to look at Wink. A quiet old tool, capable to record frames of screen shots and mouse movements and replay that. You can add your own text boxes and you can record audio.
You can do the replay with Wink, thus you could just save the project file, no need to export to some video format, but you can also export to flash player format and share that through a server, so everyone can view the tutorial in a browser.
Da Rossa
Unfortunately I haven't found anyting to beat Camtasia Studio 8 so far... The problem is, the app is proprietary, but bery good if you're doing it regularly. Might worth the price research.
RecordMyDesktop over in Linux is great.

I have used Wink on Windows but not in years .. I am wondering if it is still getting updated?
Are you looking for something that will record your desktop or whatever program you are running, or would you be looking for something that does this but live? If you're just doing recording from your desktop, I think there are a few notable programs that have been mentioned in this thread already. Cam Studio 8 is good, and depending on what you are casting, there may be a specific software for that. For example, you can use Fraps for recording gameplay, and it does this pretty well.

If you're looking to do some live streaming of whatever is on your desktop, I would look to something like FFsplit or OpenBroadcastSoftware, or Xsplit. These are used very often when people are streaming the games they are playing, not just other stuff, although it can definitely be used for those things as well.
Does W10 come bundles with a screen capture app that records videos?
Da Rossa
Possum wrote:
Does W10 come bundles with a screen capture app that records videos?

Not that I know. I've been using Windows 10 since the preview versions.
Blueberry software's BB Flashback is good.
I can't remember the link, but google it and you'll find it. Smile

- Sorcerertech
Possum wrote:
Does W10 come bundles with a screen capture app that records videos?

Yes, but it's not very good. It never works for me.
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