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All the refugees in the world to colonize Finland?

A resident of the San Francisco Jewish real estate millionaire Jason Buzi gave the stir aroused the opinion,
in which he advocated a solution to the world's refugee problem.
Buzin believes that all the refugees in the world to colonize Finland.

Finland has the same area than the UK, but only a little over five million people.
Buzin says that Finland can accommodate all the refugees, nearly 60 million entrant.

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What are they going to eat? Where are they going to sleep? Where will they go to work? That's not a reasonable solution and unless you put giant fence around Finland, they are going to run to Sweden, UK and Germany like crazy. Stumbled upon this comment few days ago:

"This happens all the time in Sweden. Immigrants who comes to Sweden refuse to get of the busses and start to hunger strike because they say that they don't want to live in the city that the buss stopped at.

A couple of months ago syrian refugees refused to live in Östersund (a beautiful city in Jämtland) because they would rather live in central Malmö. Something that isn't even possible for most Swedes because of how hard it is to get apartments in Swedish cities."
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