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Insecure Connecions are blocked by browsers

The secure of connection is a topic getting more attention this few years.
Firefox 37+ blocks TLS 1.0 since March 31, 2015.
Google 45+ blocks TLS 1.0 since September 1, 2015.

However, there are so many sites which still stay on TLS 1.0 and upgrading the TLS or SSL version could never happened.

For example, those sites deployed on Oracle Application Server can't never upgrade, because it's end of support.
The only way to solve the issue is to migrate to another web service application, like JBOSS, Weblogic, or something still alive.

However, migration costs a lot of money and needs a lot of time.

Before the migration done, there are some ways to make the browsers connect the websites using the lower lever security connections.

Following is the modification of Firefox 37+ and Chrome 45+.
Firefox 37+ modification steps

Step 1:
In a new tab, paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
Click the button “I’ll be careful, I promise”.

Step 2:
In the search box above the list,
paste "security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts" and wait a second for the filtering.

Step 3:
Double-click the "security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts" preference to open a box and paste the web address, and click OK to save the change.

If there is something here already, add a comma at the end before pasting to separate the new host name from the previous name(s).

Step 4: Check again the host name is stored successfully.
After that, the connection will be allowed by Firefox 37.
Chrome 45+ modification steps

Step 1:
Please right-click on the Chrome shortcut icon and choose Properties from the context menu.

Step 2:
Edit the field “Target” and add --ssl-version-fallback-min=tls1 after the chrome program path.
If the original path contains double-quotes, append --ssl-version-fallback-min=tls1 after the double-quote.

Step 3:
Click OK to save the change, and close all Chrome windows.

Step 4:
To start the Chrome using the modified shortcut, and access the website.
Some users might encounter a warning page, and others could access the website directly.

Step 5: [optional]
If there is a warning page, click Advanced to show the extra information.

Step 6: [optional]
Click Proceed to [the website domain] (unsafe), then the Chrome will allow the connection to the website.
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