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william jones cup 2015

Mean while, while i am waiting for the big basketball event FIBA. I just want to share that jones cup 2015 is about to start.

Go for philippines;

here is the schedule must share:
2015 William Jones Cup (37th William Jones Cup) Schedule, Replay Videos & Results.
Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 @ 2015 William Jones Cup basketball tournament in Taipei on August 29 - Sept. 6.

Competing Teams: Iran, Japan, South Korea, Philippines (Gilas Pilipinas), Chinese Taipei-A, Chinese Taipei-B, Russia (Spartak Primorye), New Zealand (Wellington Saints) & USA (USA Select-Overtake)

Venue: New Taipei Hsinchuang Stadium

August 29
1:00pm - Korea vs. Iran
3:00pm - Chinese Taipei-B vs. New Zealand
5:00pm - USA vs. Russia
7:00pm - Opening Ceremony
7:30pm - Chinese Taipei-A vs. Japan

August 30
1:00pm - Russia vs. South Korea
3:00pm - Iran vs. Chinese Taipei-B
5:00pm - Japan vs. USA
7:00pm - Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei-A [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]

August 31
1:00pm - New Zealand vs. Russia
3:00pm - Japan vs. Iran
5:00pm - Philippines vs. South Korea [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
7:00pm - Chinese Taipei-A vs. USA

September 1
1:00pm - Philippines vs. Russia [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
3:00pm - Iran vs. New Zealand
5:00pm - USA vs. South Korea
7:00pm - Chinese Taipei-B vs. Chinese Taipei-A

September 2
1:00pm - Iran vs. USA
3:00pm - Philippines vs. Japan [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
5:00pm - South Korea vs. New Zealand
7:00pm - Russia vs. Chinese Taipei-B

September 3
1:00pm - Philippines vs. Iran [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
3:00pm - New Zealand vs. Japan
5:00pm - Chinese Taipei-B vs. South Korea
7:00pm - Russia vs. Chinese Taipei-A

September 4
1:00pm - Philippines vs. New Zealand [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
3:00pm - Japan vs. South Korea
5:00pm - USA vs. Chinese Taipei-B
7:00pm - Chinese Taipei-A vs. Iran

September 5
1:00pm - Chinese Taipei-B vs. Japan
3:00pm - Iran vs. Russia
5:00pm - Philippines vs. USA [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
7:00pm - New Zealand vs. Chinese Taipei-A

September 6
1:00pm - Philippines vs. Chinese Taipei-B [LIVE STREAM 1] | [LIVE STREAM 2] | [LIVE STREAM 3]
3:00pm - Japan vs. Russia
5:00pm - New Zealand vs. USA
7:00pm - Chinese Taipei-A vs. South Korea
9:30pm - Awards Ceremony
Here is the result of the tournament:

Gold -Iran
Silver- Philippines
Bronze - Chinese taipai

I think the next game is FIBA asia which will begin in 5 days from now.

I am excited to watch.
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