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Career Guidance.


So i just joined today, and have made a few posts to get some hosting (how long will that take, btw?), but now I'd like to ask for some advice. I know i don't know you guys, but I have a predicament.

Here goes.

I finished university, got a 2:1 in Philosophy, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately I don't have good enough A level results to carry on with my peers into a graduate training scheme or a law placement, both of which I want to do (I got BBC at A level, which is not at all bad, but I should have done better and it is hindering me in the sorts of jobs I want to get).

What I really want to do is to start and run my own business, but because I don't know what I want to do, and I can't financially afford to take any risks, and I have no experience, I need to find a career....

I am thinking I should try and find a job which will give me all the necessary skills to run my own business when I have the money and the idea to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I know this probably all sounds a bit hollow - there are many people who did much worse at school, or didn't go to university etc and who am I to think I have problems. Anyway, that is where I am, and I just wondered if any one who doesn't know me and has maybe a different/fresh perspective would make a suggestion....

I am interested in keeping fit, surfing, snowboarding, philosophy, travelling, designing and making things, business, management and law.

thanks guys Smile
what about accountancy? with your grades you can easily qualify for an interview i think. although the job may be boring, it gives you alot of insight into the financial world and additionally you'll get a financial qualification in the form of ACA/ACCA which gives you really good grounding in matters pertaining taxation, accounting, and how businesses run in general.
I think you are right if you believe that working will give you the insight and experiance you need to run a business. One suggestion I would make would be: Why dont you partner with somebody to run a business? Lets say a friend from collage, a relative or even a stranger with the same desire you have. May be you can contribute with your knowledge, and of couse contacts you could have.
Well, like maclui mentioned, it's good that u've got the correct mental attitude on the learning part. Too many people are just rushing headon into things they have no idea of. I suggest that u read, learn and try to practice any 'successful' ideas regularly. Read from useful sources..books, the net, magazines. Practise it in college, join any clubs...organise events. Thats how i've done it and i've learnt so much bout managing ppl, developing contacts, thinking big. And in the end...thinking BIG is the most important thing in life...ur attitude.

p/s: we should discuss more man...since we're both at the developing stages of our plans! Haha..
Ur messages reveal that u are a bit nervous
Just cheer up u will perform well Very Happy

wishing u all the best for the coming tasks

denggi wrote:
p/s: we should discuss more man...since we're both at the developing stages of our plans! Haha..

yup...i think there are quite a few guys here who are gonna graduate soon...mine's in june...and still no jobs in sight. Shocked
Thank you for all the interesting and encouraging replies. I am supposed to be setting up the business for which I need this hosting, but I am sceptical as to whether it will in fact find a customer - or some customers. Final year at university was scary - everyone around me seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do, how to do it and get graduate training schemes and now be merrily on the path up the ladder. I realised towards the end of the academic year that it isn't such a big deal to take some time to make sure you are going to do the right thing, instead of plunging into any offer I had.

I think accountancy might be good, I am applying for positions now. It is always portrayed as being exceptionally dull, but I now think it is probably no more dull than law, banking or business consulting.

hmmmm. anyway, thanks for the help. I am still going round in circles!
looks like you're almost in the same state as me...banks are rejecting me and only accountancy firms seem to take interests in my applications.

also thinking of setting up a trading forum for uni guys so we can replace the noticeboards in college and also bypass the delivery and sales charge from ebay and amazon.

have a look here I'm still in the midst of getting more advertisers so if you're interested in setting up one in your uni, we can collaborate and do something?
nice website - that's a really good idea. Was it easy to get your sponsors? I think your idea (and frihost as well) are really good - providing a free, useful service to the consumer and getting advertisements to pay your expenses and hopefully make some money. I'm not at university anymore, so I don't know if I would be much use as a partner... I will be in London fairly soon though, which is the font of all opportunity. at least that is what I am hoping.

It sounds like you're having more luck than me with jobs - I have been rejected by all the banks (last year) and I am in the process of being rejected by all the accountancy firms Smile no, I must remain optimistic.

good luck.
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