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How can I make marketing research for my business?

I have stopped business (online store) that sells auto parts in New York. Does it make sense to start selling and how to check the survey in this segment?
You can find some interesting Google websites that will give you some interesting ideas, like this one:
Market research aims to understand the reasons consumers will buy your product. It studies such things as consumer behavior, including how cultural, societal and personal factors influence that behavior.

If it's possible to give me some more details I think I can help you. I have a master degree in the field plus I have spend a lot of time making research on the topic. Very Happy
I have a feeling a lot of that research has been done already, so you may not have to do your own surveys
Market research or research in general is a very deep topic. It takes you through a lot of steps and requires to do a lot of study (especially in the literature review part) and it happens even before you go out to the actual market and study it. The first thing however, is to come up with a topic after you have well understood what the goals for your mareket study it. Then a lot of literature review and hypothesis and what not.

Then only, you develop a questionnaire and you actually head out to directly meet your target market. You can do the same research online as well. Then data collect, data analysis and you will use tools such as SPSS to analyze the data. Then draw a conclusion and finally a recommendation. It's a long process. People prefer to hire professional research agencies for it. You can try it on your own but you must go on the process and study it deeply beforehand. Try googling Research Methodology or Market Research Methodology to learn about it in detail. What I said above is just a concise explanation.
Ruthor wrote:
I have stopped business (online store) that sells auto parts in New York. Does it make sense to start selling and how to check the survey in this segment?

Its better to study market place before you can get involved in such business, it looks like a financial suicide. I mean by that you should know what is kind of auto parts are responded on New York marketplace and what's people interests.

In another side, your idea is very original; gathering those products online that maybe its difficult to get them on stores or its hard to know if they are available or not. Good luck!
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