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First time going to Europe

Want to go First time going to Europe for 10 days.

I am from San Francisco

What country should I fly into?

Want to Visit London, Paris, ROME, Greece, Spain

Should I fly into London and take a cruise to those destinations or fly into London and do the EuroRail train?
I would fly. cruise is fun and easy, but staying in the city you get more of an atmopshere
If i where you take airplane so yo can save time.
I would take the train if you can. The trains system in europe is pretty good. I think I went to Europe once and tok the train everywhere.
evilryu530 wrote:
Want to go First time going to Europe for 10 days.

I am from San Francisco

What country should I fly into?

Want to Visit London, Paris, ROME, Greece, Spain

10 days -> that would mean 2 day / a place Question
I think London, Paris and Rome would be a nice travel plan Very Happy
Hi guys ! I am french and my sister live in Paris.

You definitely have to stay in Paris ! Anway, 2 days will be a lil short... You can stay 2 days in the Louvres Museum Smile

Here is what i suggest for your stay :

Day 1 :
Eiffel Tower / Champs de Mars
Champs Elysées
Garden of "Les Tuileries"
L'île de la cité (City Island, the historical heart of Paris)
Notre Dame de Paris cathedral
A ride on the Seine river on the famous "Bateau mouche".

Day 2:
Louvres museum (1/2 day).
Montmartre quarters (a must see !!)
Sacré coeur cathedral

hope this helps !!

Enjoy !

If you come to Europe, you should certainly take into regard the time of the season you plan to spend here!
A several places here gain or loose enormously of their charms according to the actual weather and climate -
While the mediterranean zones can be too hot for some people in summertime, the atlantic zones can be incredibly wet in the cold seasons.
Also if you would want to visit Eastern Europe in wintertime, be prepared for a freezing cold continental climate coming in from Russias side- so do not forget some warm boots, coats, caps, gloves etc. then!
If I where you I would only concentrate this trip on one country. If you to France or Spain there is a lot of things you can do. You can fill up 10 days very easy. there are many interesting countries in Europe and I can understand that you want to go to the most famous ones but... I would also like to recommend other great countries like Sweden, Serbia, Ireland, Denmark, Or Switzerland.

Spain, France, and Great Brittain are of course the most famouse ones and I can understand if you would like to see the Eiffel Tower or The Big Ben but I can recommend the other countries aswell.

Hope you enjoy your trip!
I'd fly into London as it's a mecca of a kind for all tourists. I wouldn't stay long though. Like two days max - then get a euro rail to Europe. Switzerland and Austria would be my two favourites. But France would also be good. Rail is still a good way of travelling in Europe, so I'd get one of those rail specials and hope from one country to another. Maybe stop off in Paris for one day, then the next.

I'd make Spain and Portugal a separate trip. For after you've been to Europe once before. And spend some decent time in them as there are huge distances in them from A to B compared with the rest of Europe, and in Spain you'd want to get to the southern parts of Spain too.

If you are coming to Europe for only 10 days and want to visit several countries I would definitely fly.

Train is fun. I did an Interrail trip qite a few years ago and it is very fun. But distances are kind of long sometimes. Think, London-Paris some 3 hours. Paris-Madrid (Spain) or Paris-Rome may be 10-12 hours train. Madrid-Rome some 10-12 hours train.

So if you would like to visit a few places using train, you will spend a lot of your time in trains.

Flying between big cities in Europe is easy and cheap. It won´t take more than 2 hours to move between any of the cities mentioned before and it will be quite cheap using low cost airlines (

I hope you enjoy visiting us here in Europe!!
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