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Learning to draw

Drawing is a great hobby because you can use your practice as gifts.
I'm always envious of people who can draw. I have no real creative mind for it. I can't just draw something... I don't know how in that respect. I have friends who always come up with something new. I follow artist that always seem to come up with something truly amazing and I always wonder where that initial thought comes from... Some show the process and you can see how they start out and change thing and add detail.
Drawing and painting are great hobbies - I have a friend of mine that does both - he is an exceptional artist - he now sells his paintings for income. He is great with abstract pictures and he uses a technique that he learned from a Salvador Dali student that is really cool and is exceptional in its appearance.

Personally I draw myself but mostly mechanical things like cars and illustrations for manuals - drawing is a great hobby - I suggest buying a book on the subject that will teach you perspective and alignment of objects in your drawings so that they will appear more realistic when you draw them. I am not much on still life drawings where you just take a bunch of items and arrange them in an artistic fashion and then draw them. I can however draw a car and then modify it so it looks like a hot rod builder would build it.

When I worked at the Hot Rod shop building custom cars and hot rods we would typically have an artistic rendition of the car created and then build the car to the drawing. Seems difficult but like anything else after you have built a few it gets easier to do!
I'm 31 and still working on drawing a simple circle that doesn't look like crap.

I'm sure learning to draw is fantastic at every age, probably every neurologist will confirm it. Just like learning to play an instrument. Finding time for new kind of workout for the brain in general.
Try to draw a hand.
The is the best start to learn to draw. Its fun.
I'd disagree; the hand is a more advanced subject to practice drawing, not a place to start. Getting people to start with the hand is a great way to discourage them Razz
Far better to start with shapes, shading techniques, learning to see objects as combinations of shapes, etc, and working up to more complicated structures. Even for someone skilled with drawing hands are a challenge... definitely not the place to start.
We did it in our group more than 100 times. All kids and most adults had fun. Maybe the problem is You draw alone and its hard to give Your own shoulder a clap.
You make assumptions concerning my education and hobbies... they are wrong.
loveandormoney wrote:
Try to draw a hand.
The is the best start to learn to draw. Its fun.

This is exactly what I am going to do.
I have now some instructions to do this.
Let see what I can create. Smile
jajarvin wrote:
loveandormoney wrote:
Try to draw a hand.
The is the best start to learn to draw. Its fun.

This is exactly what I am going to do.
I have now some instructions to do this.
Let see what I can create. Smile

Some fun more. Today in our country there is a holiday
and we sit in the garden
11 people and we draw each other.

Yes we have a different education, You right.
We do try and error and laugh and we are not perfect.
The others are perfect artists and they need 10 years to draw a perfect picture.

We say its stupid to be shy doing arts.

Whats Your opionion.

Theory: There is no good bad in arts or do You sing wrongly?
Da Rossa
I'm currently learning to mess around with Affinity Designer, but I have no drawing background or skills. Can I become an artist after the 30s?
Best thing is
and family is sitting together.
Everbody is drawing the others.
Special kids love those games.
I donít often agree with loveandormoney, but, heís right; youíre never too old to start learning to draw. It can be a great avenue to learning, personal growth and discovery... and potentially opening up whole new ways of looking at things.

I used to draw a lot in my youth, but, somewhat stepped away from a lot of visual creativity for many, many years. Iíve taken a couple personal projects in the past year or so to try and rebuild some of the skills I once had drawing and painting, and build some new ones. Iíd share a couple, but I havenít chosen a new image host for sharing images since Photobucket became extortionists... Iíll do my research eventually Wink. Iíve found myself showing some similar stylistic forms and limitations to what I did in the past, but I also find that my style has shifted in certain aspects since that time as well, and I work with colour more than I did. Digital media has opened a few doors for me.
I go to the doctor.
I sit there for one hour waiting.
I draw the other humans in the waiting also in the room.
I have fun, drawing.
Others look bored and sad out of the window.
Never I was hitten cause of my pics.
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