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layout spaces.

Im new to making layouts, but whenever i line my images up on the webpage there's spaces beteen them and i dont know how to fix them. does anybody know how to fix that?
Well, assuming you're using CSS to handle the layout, I think your problems come from the oft visited realm of margin and padding.

The margin property controls the distance a certain element will keep from others surrounding it; the padding controls the space kept between the edges of the element and its contents. So depending on what are you doing with your images (for example, you could just put them as <img /> elements, make them or not behave as block elements, or just use generic <div>'s and define the image, width and height through css).

Now, an easy way out could be defining your padding and margins for your pictures at 0. The generic way being:

img { margin: 0; padding: 0}

But since I don't really know what are you doing with the images, nor how are you doing it. I'll just wait for you to post a little more info and then try to help you out more.

I believe ur right... never even thought of that. thank you.
Well, my good lad ... right or wrong I hope I could help. Please don't hesitate in asking again if you need anything, as long as I can spare a little time I'm here to help. In fact, I don't know how comfortable you are with CSS but if you want I could point out some free software that could make your life easier.

If U could that would be great. Im not familiar with css at all. Ive picked up a few things from using pre-made layouts, but not much.
Hey! In addition to the marvelous suggestions above me, there is also a BG image thing i like to use. Its goes into your CSS file. Just make up a BG image for the site (one that can repeat itself as the site content goes down) and it sholuld take care of the spaces.. Know what I mean? Well its kind of hard to explain and it really depends on your type of layout and all that good stuff but ill giv you tge code incase you happen to understand my disorganized rumblings =P

*Put this anywhere in your CSS file | Without quotes!!*
"body {
background-image: url( ---Image name goes heere------ );
background-repeat: repeat-y;

Also, be careful to have the BG image in the same format as the other images b/c it might give it a different hue sometimes.
Good luck!!!
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