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Anything to say about Hamburg?

Have you ever been to Hamburg? What are the things you liked best there? Any tips for visits? What's the shortcut to the sea, if you are in Hamburg? So far I know, the town has not too much to do with the fast-food Hamburgers, so, no unsubtle jokes about this, please!
Very Happy
Retrospectively I have to remind myself of that little beach of the river Elbe, that was certainly a highlight. "You have to take a ride on a boat through the harbour" everybody advises you, and that's certainly a nice thing to do. And yes, visit the big cemetry, the biiiig one....
There are plenty of things to do in Hamburg, my hometown. Here is a selection:
1. visit the cemetery and marvel at the relaxed park atmosphere there
2. rent a kayak and go on a tour on the canals along river Alster
3. if it is on visit the "Dom", a big funfair
4. attend a dixieland jazz concert at Cotton Club
5. eat a real traditional Hamburger called Rundstueck warm at Oberhafenkantine restaurant
6. cross river Elbe using the car elevators of Alter Elbtunnel built in 1911
7. go on one of the traditional paternoster elevators still operating, for example at Laeisz office building
8. visit one of the enormous sex shops at Reeperbahn street
9. participate in a guided tour of the town hall which looks like a palace and which is used as parliament and seat of the government of the city
10. visit the former concentration camp and see what sort of atrocities were carried out between 1933 and 1945
11. visit any park on a warm weekend and have a private BBQ there
12. go clubbing until you drop
13. make any German mad at you by throwing plastic into the collection container for waste paper and pointing out that you did it on purpose
14. have your own fireworks on new year's eve
15. enjoy a glass or two of hot spiced wine on the Christmas markets
I loved the food there and the people. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and the food and beer were terrific. I wish I could have spent more time there. The place I stayed in was great too, very accommodating people since we did an AirBNB there. I would definitely go back again if I had the time, but we were going to explore the rest of Europe so we couldn't stay very long. I would say that it was one of the highlights of my trip though, because of the sights and sounds and the food was great.
kaysch wrote:

15. enjoy a glass or two of hot spiced wine on the Christmas markets

The german name is "Glühwein"


"Gluehwein is a German/Austrian winter-holiday drink that most tourists know as an after-ski drink. After you come in out of the snow, it is supposed to make you glow with warmth again. Watch it: Since you drink this wine warm, the alcohol goes to your head extra quick! Drink when you really have come in, and do not have to go out again! This is the one my father used to make for New Year's Eve."

3/4 cup water
3/4 cup white sugar
1 cinnamon stick

1 orange
10 whole cloves
1 (750 milliliter) bottle red wine

My frinds leaving in Hamburg. Hamburg is very nice.
For mens and nightlife the Reeperbahn von St. Pauli - the most sinful mile
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