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Problem with iPhone 4s, storage and WhatsApp

Da Rossa
I'm running into the lack of storage space in my iPhone to the point I can't even take a new picture with the camera. Then I noticed the main culprit is WhatsApp, taking ~5GB due to all media files. Well, I can't remove WhatsApp for obvious reasons; I need my chat records. Of course the loads of images and videos I receive – mostly porn – is dispensable, but there is some decent content I'd like to preserve.

The thing is I don't know what to do at this point: the images I received are among the conversations with individuals or groups, but there is no option to "mass download". So what I need is to find a way to save the already-received images on my desktop and, afterwards, reinstall WhatsApp. Only then I could have the space claimed by it cleared. Note that I cannot enable the "save received media" option because it would only have effect from now on, but not backwards.

What can I do?

A few observations:
I have a non-jailbroken iPhone 4s running iOS 8.4;
My computer, to which I'd like to backup the data, runs Windows 8.1;
I already cleared the space from other sources on my phone;
There is not even room in iCloud to perform a cloud backup;
Please, don't ask me to go manually from conversation to conversation and e-mail the files; this can't be done;
Getting a new phone is out of question right now, and it wouldn't resolve the already-existent media to be saved;
Also not an option to make a campaign for people to evolve and use Telegram, they like their comfort zone.

Da Rossa
Sorry for the bump but... anyone?
Did you try to move those files you want to use later to your computers?

You could try iTunes to see if iTunes is accessible to those files.

If iTunes is not working, you could try iTools,
which is a windows software designed to be a file and apps manager and synchronous assistant.
Without ROOT,
it can be used to upload and download files between idevice and computer easily.

You could download it from it's official site.
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