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P2P Puzzle

Lets say the following situation occurs.
All hypothetical off-course Smile

You are at a Internet Cafe/College/University and you want to access emule/edonkey files. You have the ed2k hash URI info. Problem is you cant install any software on the computer that you are using and you can only access ports 80 and 25.

The fast solution would be a website that interfaces with edonkey/emule.
Problem is - nothing like that seems to exsist !

Any suggestions ?

well.. assuming you are a p2p freak, you will most likely have your eMule installed on your home PC.

If the first part is true, than there is nothing simpler. you access your home eMule through eMule Web Server (you have a dedicated zone under preferences, and you can configure it) and add the files to your PC. it donloads it and afterwards you need to check it at home.

As for running eMules and such on cybercafes/work/school, i totally opose to it (and the ports are blocked for some reason, don't you think?). Using these clients on shared networks, is limitating other users access to resources (on your home connection, you are your lord and master Wink ).

Be Well Cool
Opinions aside you would have to have another machine (like a home machine or something) run the core and redirect traffic from port 80 to the core. At the cafe you would then connect to the home box on port 80. Not exactly graceful or always fast, and probably would work best in linux using Socat (, but thats what I'd recomend
Azureus, a truly great (but kinda resource-hogging) BitTorrent Client, has a plugin called SwingUI that lets you remote control it (manage downloads, add/delete torrents etc.) through a web interface, either locally or remotely. It is also possible to run it as a service (see the website), so you don't even need to be logged on at home.

Try this - to be honest the idea of browser-based P2P like you suggest is a bit stupid; you're never going to get the amount of time you need to successfully download the file, and HTTP isn't capable of the type of usage that eDonkey etc would need.
bring your own OS on CD or usb flashdrive. next question?
Since this is all fantasy suppose you use Emule or Shareaza ot whatever and decide to use remote control utillity build into P2P software or external application I would suggest think twice before running it.There is nothing more valuable to hackers than remote acess to Your own computer.No matter how protected inside house.I would suggest use Internet coffe for fun or quick shot action only.
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