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China Market

I have notice that China is more and more becomes powerful and all over the world market. specially, there products is all over the world spreading.

Is this because they have copied the original which the have give a chance to do the manufacturing for low cost of labor?

Seems interesting that china have also spreading there trouble and issues around the world. Hackers are spreading.

In the other side economy went good in CHINA.
In my experience the Chinese are quite aggressive in doing international business. It usually starts with plenty of research and sending a delegation to the target country. Then developing, sometimes copying products that undercut the prices of the same product in their target country. They then infiltrate the target country in numbers and settle.

There are some genuine China designed products though. But very rarely priced more than their international competitors.

Problem with manufacturing cheap plastic products in China for flooding international markets however is that it comes at a huge price of environmental pollution. Very soon they will have to start cleaning up, or find off shore countries for manufacturing their cheap products. Maybe they already have.
They also protect their own business well on their own turf. Since Chinese market is huge, they know well that they can demand a lot from companies that want to enter Chinese market - even if they compromise a lot, they still will be able to make an enormous amount of money. Chinese government is conscious of it and takes full advantage of it.

I remember reading about some kind of engine. The Chinese organized a meeting with heads of company that made that engine and wanted to enter Chinese market. Requirements? They could sell it only for a limited amount of time (10 years or something) after which agreement on different terms kicks in and they had to give full plans of that engine to the Chinese so they can produce it themselves.

Chinese have overabundance of cheap labor but they compensate for their lack of sharp minds well through their market tactics, at least from what I read it looks like that Smile
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