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Temporary solutions to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?

Should the U.N. should take over complete control over security in the region.
Yes. The U.N. should completely assume control of security for the region.
 100%  [ 1 ]
No. The U.N. should NOT completely assume control of security for the region.
 0%  [ 0 ]
The U.N. should only assume partial control of security.
 0%  [ 0 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 1

If you agree that Israel is committing war crimes by attacking Palestinians indiscriminately, do you think it would a good idea to have the United Nations send a purely peace-keeping force in order to form a security force that has no racial motivation to harm Palestinians? By having the U.N. send troops to police the area, you can potentially help stabilize the region by removing the tension of Israel performing what nearly amount to international-sanctioned strikes against civilian populations. This of course assumes that the U.N. does not have special interest groups in complete control over it's agenda, and they direct the U.N. to do the same shite as Israel. If the U.N. could be a neutral mediator, wouldn't this be a much better way of helping draw down tension between Israel and Palestinians? Even if Israel is guilty of no wrong doing, wouldn't it be a decent tactic to bring in a neutral force to provide security and mediate, there-by removing any possibly false claims of human-rights violations by the Israeli's (which I don't believe to be false, but to play devils advocate, let me just add that...), and thereby helping lower tensions?

It seems insane that such a huge, ongoing conflict, amid an enormous volume of human-rights abuse claims and scandals, has not seen any major security intervention by the international community. Again, even assuming Israel is guilty of no wrong doing, it seems like the international community should be taking over the security of the region ENTIRELY. Israel needs to stay the hell out of the issue, doing nothing but defending it's current territory (most of which is stolen, but nevermind that right now...)
using the iron dome.

The U.N. could completely cover all security, while allowing the Palestinians to completely re-build infrastructure. By allowing the Palestinian economy and infrastructure to improve, the Palestinians who are fighting for non-religious/non-irrational reasons, would be incentivized to hold punches. They would be incentivized to do more talking, rather than preparing to fight over their family members killed by indiscriminate bombardment with explosives.

Why the hell are human rights organizations, and average, everyday citizens, demanding that the U.N. step in and intervene to stop human-rights abuses by either side? Question
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