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free antivirus v. norton

My Norton AV subscription is about to expire. Normally, I would go to the store and buy the new version. But this year I have installed free AV's on a couple of laptops and I was you think it's really worth the money to buy Norton? I personally can't tell any difference in the protection abilities of Avast or AVG Anti Virus and Norton.
I'm not so positive about Norton anyway. If you're going to spend money there are better products imo, such as Kaspersky or Nod32. But personally I use free anti-virus software as well (AVG). It should do if you have some computer experience and don't use high-threat zones such as warez.
I advise you to use avg. I think it is the best av free! Obviusly if oyu won't pay! If isn't that i advise you to use kaspersky professional, it's wonderful and use a few resource.
The choise is your Very Happy
The antriviruses you have to pay for only give you over the top protection and things like spam filtering etc. but if you use something like hotmail i dont think it works.

But the free ones will do prety much the same job, you wont be as protected from hackers etc. but unless your running a business hackers arent your biggest problem. Viruses wil be taken care of
And there's always Sygate Personal Firewall (freeware) to protect you against hackers.
I have been removing viri from from PCs for years and I have this to say.

I have on many occasions been asked to look at customers PCs because they feel they have a virus and don't know how it got there because they have Norton or Sophos or some other subscription based antivirus programs.

The first thing I usually do is remove these useless peices of software and install AVG! The reasons are simple.

1, AVG is FREE!
2, If configured correctly, it updates itself as soon as updates are available to keep you 100% protected. (if there such a thing as 100% protection)
3, AVG has found viri that subscription software have not.
4, AVG is very light on CPU usage and even on a low spec PC, it can run a scan without any real performance issues.

So, by all means go and pay a large corperate company loads of money to partialy protect your machine or download a great free antivirus package and spend your money on something more useful.

I hope this helps.
I agree, AVG is especially good for its low CPU usage. But it doesn't have to be the best. Imo Kaspersky is another good option if you have a powerful PC and wallet. Wink But for any situation my advice would be, don't take Norton.
I find AVG rather light. Norton is quite bloated and intrusive
I've used both Avast, AVG, and Norton, and I'd have to recommend AVG. Avast failed me one to many times(had to reinstall windows) and norton is a system resource hog. Norton is also way too hard to remove, as it digs itself into your system root and doesn't want to let go. AVG is small, light, effective, and fast, so that is my antivirus of choice as well. However, give Avast a try if you don't like AVG.

I think Norton Antivirus has a lot more definitions and would therefore be more secure? You could also get the packaged deal with Norton Internet Security, which is a somewhat decent firewall. If you don't want to resubscribe, you can always try to get the Corporate Edition.
In tests in Australia it found the best Anti Virus software to be NOD32. As for Norton it came in just behind that and AVG just behing Norton. I think AVG detected 97% of all viruses, the other 3% were old inactive viruses.

As for hackers, Zonealarm. You can't go past ZoneAlarm.
I prefer not to use antivirus software since windows insecure by its nature and nothing can help. If you want security don't use windows.
That's prejudice. Windows can be made rather secure. And with enough effort anything connected to the Internet can be hacked.
garvalf4 wrote:
I find AVG rather light. Norton is quite bloated and intrusive

Indeed. I use Kasperspy.
I think Kaspersky is heavy but has good results. Ideal for strong computers. Would like to try it but I don't have a strong computer, nor the money to buy it Smile
I am using bitdefender (free version) in combination with hitman pro and Sygate Firewall

Bit defender is a very nice antivirus scan. if you get the pro version you will also have a firewall and other features

sygate firewall is a firewall (see name Cool )

Hitman pro is a program that automaticly uses many diffrent anti adware programs like ad-aware and spybot search and destroy. you dont have to do anything, just instal hitman and it will do everything for you Rolling Eyes
theres nothign wrong with norton - after getting majorly pissed at avg, i changed to it.

norton - updated frequently, has better support, all in 1 set nd 4get solution, easily managd

avg - low priority updates, non existent help files and online support, no scheduled scanning, no mapped network drive scanning, no autorepair when a virus is found, no autoupdate

norton alos has built in antispyware protection, something which avg lacks
I use AVG, it's great! Don't use Norton... I had it once (years and years ago), and installed it, but the installer didn't work properly. I had a partial Norton installation which I couldn't remove. I needed to reformat to fix that Evil or Very Mad

In response to technology.sponge's post:
non existent help files

A help file does exist, but it's a bit small (go to Information --> Help Topics)

no mapped network drive scanning

Scanning a mapped network drive works. Go to the drive, right-click it and going to 'Scan with AVG Free' works fine!

no autorepair when a virus is found

Sure, there's no automatic repairing, but how hard is it to press a 'Heal' button?

no autoupdate

AVG does have auto update. Mine updates whenever I start my computer up. I've been using AVG since version 6, and I must say that version 7 improved dramatically.

And I use the in-built Windows XP SP2 firewall. I don't even need a proper one as my ADSL router has pretty comprehensive inbuilt firewall. The ADSL router blocks all incoming connections (unless an exception is set up) and also disables pinging (ie. people on the internet can't ping my IP address). It also has DoS prevention (including protection against SYN Flooding, if you ever do networking classes then you'll learn what the three-way handshake is and what SYN flooding is).
I would use norton over AVG, I don't know why people like AVG so much.
Read this topic again and find out, lol
xboy wrote:
I prefer not to use antivirus software since windows insecure by its nature and nothing can help. If you want security don't use windows.

It is an absolutely stupid idea not to use Antivirus software. If you do not use Antivirus software you have only yourself to blame if your computer is infected.
xboy wrote:
I prefer not to use antivirus software since windows insecure by its nature and nothing can help. If you want security don't use windows.

It is an absolutely stupid idea not to use Antivirus software. If you do not use Antivirus software you have only yourself to blame if your computer is infected.
He's not claiming to use Windows without AV, he's bragging about how he only uses Linux and how Win-blows. Which implies that he's leet.
I have found that norton is a pretty good antivirus program however it can seriously lag up your systems memory and decrease its performance. I would recommend using AVG since its the best free antivirus that is out. If you need a firewall you can use Sigate Personal Firewall which is also free and doesn't use up much resources as well and you can also set up advanced filters and rules.
I wouldnt use norton if it was free, it tries to take over too many OS features and uses too much resources.. AVG is what im currently using
I also think you should use AVG, i also heard that even the police corps in The netherlands use the professional version of AVG
If you don't wanna spend any money I would recommend AVG as most people here have, but if you do feel that a product that you buy is better than a free one then I would not go with Norton, but with Kaspersky it is what I personally use, and I have never gotten a virus. Also sometimes I'll stumble upon a website that is bad, and kaspersky will block anything that it tries to do to my computer.
I decided to use Avast because that has the same record for virus detection on XP as Norton, but for some reason, if I enable the web shield, my computer can't connect to the internet. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?
Hi Guys,
I have had alot of hits from virus emails etc as my email address is on over 2000 websites. I have also removed many viruses from networks we support.
The best by far for protection is Kaspersky and it is not that expensive.
However I still sit behind a linux firewall system. I guess I don't trust windows.

All I can say is give Kaspersky a try. Their tech support is also secont to none. I called and got to a real person within less than a minute, and he knew his game which makes a change.
I don't like Norton at all. For 3 years Ihad a fewWord documents on my computer. They ended up containing an old virus in them from the late 90's. Norton never found them. As soon as I installed AVG and scanned my computer, it found them and cleaned them. I used AVG until recently. I tried Panda Internet Security. I thought it was great, but I don't have a license for it. So I installed AntiVir. It seems to work very well. I will be doing some research on Kaspersky and AVK. I hadn't heard of those until these forums. As long as the free ones work well though, I don't se the need for me to buy one. Smile
Friends i feel that know a day's a program like simple anti-virus program is not sufficient to a system.There are problem's like spyware , spamming , hacking also so i suggest you to look a program which takes care of this to.
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