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Everyday kindness

The daily news is full of horror and unkindness. There is a debate about this within the profession but that discussion is for another place.
What I want to do here is provide a counter for the view that the world is going to hell in a handcart and that people are fundamentally b****rds.

So let me kick it off with something that has just happened to me.
I was on my way back from the local supermarket and, pulling out on to the main road I saw a young lad in difficulty with his 'pimped' VW Golf. I wound my window down to see if he was OK - he shouted across that he had lost all drive. I parked up on the main road and ran across to give him a push, so he could get the car off the main drag, into the side road from which I had just come.
As we pushed it into the side-road I lost my footing and took a little tumble - slippery road surface, leather-soled shoes, small bruise to the knee - no big drama. I got up and started to push again, but suddenly found 6 burly lads joining in. They had been passing on the way back from football training and seen me stumble. They pulled in behind my car, ran across the road, and joined in the little rescue mission without a second thought (with much embarrassing solicitude and concern for myself).
Within a minute, two other cars had parked up, their owners rushing across to help.

Don't tell me people are fundamentally bad. I just don't believe it is so.

Let's have some stories of everyday kindness here to act as an antidote to an overwhelmingly negative media picture of our species.
Most people are ok. A few are saints and there are some who have lost any concept of helping others.

I have traveled widely and find the British the most genuinely helpful.

(1)I was hunting for change at a parking meter and a young lad said. "All you need is a pound" and put one of his own in.
(2)I was at a small shop on top of a cliffe and there was a box outside the shop with kites in it. The sign said you could fly one as long as you returned it.
(3)A shop that refused to take full payment for a new pair of glasses (Because id lost mine) and only wanted half.

They say the British are naive but I believe they actually want to help more.
The occation/opportunity makes a thief...

I come to think about star wars and good/bad jedis/siths, and the balance in the force... No there comes Anakin and he was the chosen one to bring balance! Smile

I do believe this is about culture aswell and also how our brain works.

I am almost total evil, so somewhere out there maybe someone almost total good exists.
chasbeen wrote:
I have traveled widely and find the British the most genuinely helpful.
Totally agreed. I've had a few experiences when I was traveling in London. I recall one in the Tube en route from Heathrow to London city and someone cautioning me to be extra careful as there may be picket pockets around. Almost like Londoners being really aware you're a tourist and in need of some kind of protection and trying to help as much as they can. Not in an overly bossy or gushy way, but a subtle gentlemanly way. Also noticeable how very aware they are of others, whereas in some countries citizens appear to be in a disassociated state, totally unaware of others around them. They probably grew up not to pay attention to others. You find them at an airport virtually elbowing others out of a line-up without being in the slightest aware of them. Or may walk past really bad situations without taking the details in. They're wired differently.
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