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Possible brown-out caused unusual computer problems

I was at home watching TV when a tiny power outage reset everything. It was daytime, no storms.

I went to my computers to check on them. Small appliances with clocks were on. Three minutes later the power went out for over an hour.

. My main desktop computer: Both monitors were on but the computer would not turn on. The power light on the Power Supply in the back did not light up.

. A second desktop computer that was on: It's power light was blinking amber which suggests "the computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem might exist." (it's monitor was unplugged)

. A third desktop computer: Was still in sleep mode like nothing happened and woke up ok. The power went out when it showed the login screen.

. My Wifi Router: Only thing lit was an amber power light (booting) and didn't seem to be doing anything.

While the power was out I unplugged everything and left. I was sure that I'd have to replace the router and get a new power supply
When I came home, plugged everything back in it all worked.

I can only guess there was a brown-out during those 3 minutes. The internet doesn't really say much about how computers operate during one, just "they're bad" and go on about power outages and surges. Has a brownout caused any temporary unusual behavior in your electronics?
I live in a house w/really bad old wiring and faulty ground. I've never experienced weird behavior during brown outs, w/are frequent, but I finally got a UPS power backup. Really cheap for the insurance of knowing your systems are protected. Just be sure you have a true ground or you could loose the UPS from a surge.
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