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is Paris a good city to vsit ?

I plan to visit Paris in august. What do you think about this city ?
Certainly a good idea to visit Paris! It is big and diverse enough to have something for nearly anyone. There live people from all over the world with their own comunities, and the town is a several hundreds of years old. when art was big, Paris was sort of the "international capital of art"...
Par is is a great city. I've been there twice and there's always so much to see and so many good foods to eat. I think youc an explore a lot and have a lot of fun in Paris
The Eiffel Tower is good to see.
Sablenoir123 wrote:
I plan to visit Paris in august. What do you think about this city ?

Go ahead and be prepared not to visit Eiffel tower as there are long queues. Otherwise it's a great city.
Paris is a great place to visit. If you need an appetizer, here are my photos from my trip to Paris in year 2013 together with my wife:
Actually this trip has been my birthday present to her and we enjoyed a 1-week trip in this amazing city.

I have heard you can get Eiffel Tower tickets in the internet and then get in faster. We didn't try this option, but did it in a similar way when visiting The Louvre. There was a 1-2 hour long waiting queue in front when we showed up. We had a good travel book with us about Paris and followed the tip we found there: we went to the travel office in Rue des Pyramides, bought tickets there, went back to the Louvre and where able to get into a side entry without any wait. Another hint: visit The Louvre on a Wednesday, that's the day when they are open til night and you might have much more freedom to stroll and look at the paintings you like; visit their web site first to confirm this offering still exists.
You probably won't be alone with Mona Lisa, but might be able to get much closer Wink
Well I heard that Paris is always a good idea. I have never visited but by the comments here and everywhere else, I feel that it is a city with a vast amount of culture, history and art. It is the most romantic city in the world. I think that if you have the funds to visit this great place, then you don't have to think twice on whether or not to visit. Better to ask people where to visit and how to get the best deals.
Sablenoir123 wrote:
I plan to visit Paris in august. What do you think about this city ?

Culture? Yes very good?

Do You like excellent food: Then also Paris is very good.

is a little problem.

best way to find hot partys is having dinner in student bistros.
I didn't like Paris. Not sure whether it's the French who are quite sensitive and prone to regular outbursts or the streets that are not straight. I hate Charles De Gaulle Airport. Almost symbolically why I don't like Paris. Very difficult to navigate, lack of posted directions and rude attendants every where. Accommodation has to be the most expensive anywhere in the world particularly with regard to value for money. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean good quality. You could get creaky floors, beds that are well worn, and noisy pipes. I'd rather visit anywhere else in Europe. Rome in particular for me was great in every respect. Police posted almost at every corner. Protected from scammers. Native Romans are always well dressed. Love their coffee and tea shops and food is brilliant. Accommodation can be expensive as anywhere else, but I felt like I had space around me, whereas in Paris I felt claustrophobic and had the non-stop urge to flee the city all of the time. In Rome I could easily have stayed a couple more days.
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