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Request to reset points


I was not on frihost for a long time(couple of years) and my points went way into the negatives. I found the option to request for a reset of points back to zero and did that a few days back.

Was wondering if some admin or moderator or Bondings can do the reset.

P.S. i have a hosting account, which i got in 2005 I think. I would like to keep that account. Trying to rebuild my website and blog after quite a long time Smile
P.P.S. Just realized that Bondings is also in negative points. Looks like he hasn't logged in for a long long time.

Is he alright ?
Anybody in contact with him anywhere?
Anybody know him personally ?

Hope he is just busy with studies or work or something ...
FunDa wrote:
Was wondering if some admin or moderator or Bondings can do the reset.

I once had about -150 points. I use the the option to request for a reset of points back to zero.
But there was no action by moderators. So I send lots of messages and finally my points were again positive.

For example if I get from each message 2.5 points,
I have to send 150/2.5 = 60 messages in order to make my -150 points back to zero points.

Now you have -976.05 points.
With the same logic as in my example you have to send 976.05/2.5 = 390.42 messages
in order to make your -976.05 points back to zero points.

Let us calculate the time you need to write these 390.42 messages:
Assume that it takes 2 minutes to write one message.
So to write 390.42 messages you have to spend 390.42/2 =195.21 minutes with your writing.

I hope that a reset of your points back to zero will be occur.
Laughing That is a lot .

I hope someone sees this soon.
Ghost Rider103
Points reset. Hopefully not too late for you!
if i am not mistaken, only bonding can remove hosting for inactive user.

so i shouldn't be worry about my negative point, right?
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