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internet fax

any body know how to setup like this -

I wanted to know what are the hardware needed for internet fax. how we can do this? what are the steps.

I planning to have that kind of business here in my area.
Maybe if you click on the "Find out More" you will see more information. There is also a Live Chat person you can talk to.

Check: I'm new to internet fax. How do I send an internet fax?

If you check it out you'll see there is no hardware needed unless you have documentation that needs to be scanned. Then you need a scanner. The rest works with e-mails. As per the info at the link above.

You may also want to check this comparison for e-mail-fax services as well:

The first one in the above review looks very attractive as you get your own dedicated fax number and get to keep it if you go from trial to paid after 30 days.
Only equipment you might need would be a scanner as stated for documents.
I will have to look into that site but at moment - can't think of reason to use over normal emailing with attachment.
standready wrote:
I will have to look into that site but at moment - can't think of reason to use over normal emailing with attachment.
That's my experience too. Fax machines are on the out. But looks as though it's been used in the Philippines. That Websites looks like a thriving business.
I think there are some sites that do this service for you. Then all you have to do is attach a file to their web service and they will send the fax for you using their servers. I agree though, not really sure what the point of faxes is in this day and age. Everything can be emailed as an attachment, and that is so commonplace these days I see no reason for faxes. It's definitely an obsolete technology and I wish that companies and organizations would stop requiring faxes because they make no sense at this point in time.
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