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Syria Vs terrorist comment

Good Day im syrian unarmed soldier
do you know about syrian WWIII?
allright let's take a look
since 2011 syrian army in war with terrorists from all the world countries
83 country sent more than 100 milion attacker we still fight as you know if you underattack do you give up ?
we underattack by turkey from the north
from the south israil
from the west iraq
from the est usa carrier
usa sent troops and those troops changed them confirm
usa send money to the criminal group ISIS
ive catched 2 of the criminal troops when i was fighting with t72 tank they said we fight for usa and every thing food money from usa
obama was goin to take the world in WWIII
do agree him ? why you are toy?
why your tv news never said anything about what's obama and usa and uk and france doing in the ****** middle east?
criminal groups attack a village and cut nicks and hands and kill womens childs
they took 40% from my country
still usa support them and on the tv usa goverment say we must fight criminals
It is a civil war not WWIII war. The sides involved are. Kurds(PKK, YPG,YPJ), The moderates(FSA), The Assade regime(FAA), Al-NUsra(Al-Queda) and ISIS.
Da Rossa
Could you just elaborate more on the " usa send money to the criminal group ISIS " part?
second Syria thread i have seen and replied to today.

It would certainly be interesting if USA were funding ISIS after all once the rebellion began the western leaders where all for going in and supporting rebels with aid,guns,troop support. then the uk backed out and a few followed suite because no one wanted a repeat of the war on terror on sadam which was a complete sham, that should see bush and blair charged for war crimes.

Back to the point though the west wanted to go in and help, but they didnt and a few months later intelligence confirms that ISIS make up a big part of the rebellion against Assad if western governments had sent modern weaponry and money they would of been fully supporting ISIS to take over the Syrian government!

There is definitely a conspiracy here and their in this one, it wouldnt be a surprise if the USA was trying to push ISIS to fight the Syrian govermant, when the people refused to support a civil war maybe they used the fact isis was their to gain media support to bomb Syria.

Syria and Iran was the last middle eastern super powers against the west, having Syria breakdown on the inside was the easiest way to disable the Syrian government.
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