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Paul Walker's Tribute Video


Song: See you again - Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth
Today is Paul Walker's Birthday, something new here?
His death was so tragic Sad
I loved the movie F7 though.

Apparently, F8 is coming out soon.
I was sure they are going to end the series after he died, it looks like Hollywood never stops as long as there's any money to be made still. I liked 5 and 6, to me they were the best of the series but still, it's ridiculous how much Hollywood goes the easy way and instead of making something fresh, kills us with sequel after sequel.

Walker was a nice guy, sad that he died so young. Even though he wasn't much of an actor for sure, he had a good heart.
I saw that movie in theaters when it came out, and the ending scene with Paul Walker in CGI with Vin Diesel was amazing. It was really well done in terms of a tribute to an actor who was with the series for so long. Some parts of the scene looked pretty fake, but I think for the most part of the movie you couldn't really tell there was some CGi or a body double in place of Paul Walker. They did it really well, and even though you could tell sometimes, you know they did their best in trying to imitate him. It's not a really easy task to do something like that but I think they succeeded.

Wiz Khalifa's song was also a very touching tribute to Paul Walker as well. I think it was the perfect ending music for the movie, and it created a very emotional atmosphere when watching the movie. Everything about it was well done.
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