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Who is the best soccer team manager in the world?

Who is the best manager? (club team)
Jose Mourinho
 18%  [ 5 ]
Alex Ferguson
 22%  [ 6 ]
Fabio Capello
 14%  [ 4 ]
Venderley Luxemburgo
 0%  [ 0 ]
Arsene Wenger
 3%  [ 1 ]
Carlo Ancelotti
 0%  [ 0 ]
Rafa Benitez
 11%  [ 3 ]
Frank Rijkaad
 11%  [ 3 ]
 18%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 27

Only for club manager, not for national team manager
Have a nice poll..
Sinse I'm a L'Pool fan my answer is obwious:Smile No other guy could make l'pool win the CL
Stuart Pearce should be on there Cool also why is luxemburgo on there and not frank rikjaard (not sure how to spell his name Confused )
Sir Alex.

Can you argue with all those trophies and 20 years with the same club?
Jose Mourinho, he win the uefa cup and champion league with porto, the english champion with chelsea and will be the european champion again this season.
Jose Mourinho i like him.. he is such a good manager.. playes attack.. not defence like Rafa Benitez... with his all luck...

Jose Mourinho
jose mourinho ... yeah ... not so good you know ... too much show and agressivity a,d not enough pragmatism... Arsene Wenge is the perfect type of the french pragmatic and stylish trainer.
My preferate is sven Erikson though, so calm but really smart, just wait a bit that england gets out of its inspiration crisis.
Guus Hiddink from PSV Eindhoven..

He managed lots of different teams, with a lot of succes..

I think he will leave PSV next summer..

Every team he manage plays very good. Look at south corea at the world champions couple of years ago..

I choos for Jose Mourinho in this poll.. Cool

But Guus Is the Best Laughing
Hum.. Frank Rijkaard from the managers that stay in this pool.

I Don´t too much Atention in the Managers work, For me if that your team is in a Good Posistion into a league The Your Manager makes a Good Work.

And The Barcelona is in a Good Position in the Spanish League...Rijkaard stay a too much time there
Rafa's power!!!!.... come on, he woke up a beast that was slept for many years and now they are hungry of titles Smile

Apart of his Liverpool record, he had done it incredible also in Valencia, where he won the Spanish league twice after 20 years without this title for the club and the UEFA cup. And the best thing of all was that Valencia had almost no money to hire new players, so he had to manager with people from the youth team in many cases or simply appointing not very well known players.

That's why know in Madrid they are dreaming with Rafa... but they don't deserve to have a good coach, it's R.Madrid's fate for the next few years Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Jose Mourinho is the best team manager in the world
he never played football on his own
so he don't know how it is to play football
but this is what makes him the best
he's not such sentimental like other team managers
Twisted Evil
Barcelona is the best team of the world, so Frank Rijkaad is the best manager!!!
Frank Rijkaad is a great team manager, he hasn't spend as much money as Arsenal or Real Madrid, now he has the best football players in his team
well, i would say it Jose Mourinho and Gus Hinddick.

Jose Mourinho is a great tactician, though he didn't start off as a footballer. He has done a great job as Chelsea manager by winning the Premiership. I forsee that he's gonna bring more glory to Chelsea.

Gus Hinddick has a done a marvelous job as south korea manager, PSV manager and Australia manager. Let's see how far thw Aussies can go in the next world cup.

Definitely Rafa Benitez. One just have to look at his professional career; assistant manager at Real Madrid, manager at Valencia FC and now in Liverpool. Everywhere he goes he makes an amazing mark . He took Valencia to Europe' s elite and has returned Liverpool to its rightful place at the top.

Press conferences by soccer managers make an interesting viewing and say a lot about their personalities. Some can't put 3 sentences together. Others swear and insult. And the fewer, where I include Rafa, behave in a businesslike and professional manner.

I vote Ferguson. A decade in charge and heaps of silverware to go with it
I voted for Capello because he is a winner. I can't remember all the things he won, but he surely knows how to make winners out of a team of overpayed supergala... ahem.

Yes, I like Madrid and as every other fan I was overjoyed last season, so my vote goes to him.
Surely Marcello Lippi's up there?
How many managers have won a Champions League and a World Cup?
Well, I think it's Fabio Capello. He's smart, he knows what is right for a team and he knows how to utilise limited resources.

He's a great manager. We saw what he did at Real Madrid and Juventus in recent times. Let's see what he can do as England manager ....
My vote vent to Sir Alex, however, concidering I'm swedish. Shouldnt Sven-Göran Eriksson be on that list too?
Marcello Lippi. He is the best. He won everything with the Juventus and the Italian National Team.
well wenger is one of the best as he has the eye to pick young talent and turn it into world class product
GAURXUA9 wrote:
well wenger is one of the best as he has the eye to pick young talent and turn it into world class product

That's quite true actually. He has changed the Arsenal youth into the best youth of the world. He has really done extremely well with them ...
I think Capello could share first place for his work at Real Madrid. The team seems to be better then rivals, Barcelona Smile
Most of them are great managers and doing well Razz
but my vote goes for Sir Alex, as he managed Manchester United for a long time, achieved great records over these years...
In fact, he came out with Eric Cantona, David Beckham and now Christiano Ronaldo during his time in Man Utd. Very Happy
i bring back this post to share with others.
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