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Defying death, has a method been discovered?

Yes this is a reasonable question!

A Russian science lab made a poor Monkey survive 8 days after lopping off it's head and sowing it on another unfortunate Monkeys body.

Apparantly there was a million circuits that needed connection. I suppose the "breakthrough" was the "relatively efficient" way the circuits could be connected quickly.

It's like something out of Frankenstein but, if it ever gets perfected, I can see really rich people living for a long time although they will look older and really wierd with all the plastic surgery.

Do you think a method of defying death has been discovered?
Holy Frankinmonkey!
To me quality of life is more important than existence. So when are you really gone?
Most of us fade don't we...
What's the point of death if scientist are trying to find another way to perfect the living humans?

That's like saying you want us to be human so we could live forever like aliens do, that we know about anyways; Our universe is huge and with worm holes, Our solar system is filled with alot of them but have we ever been evaded? well I don't know but I don't wan to find out either!

But that's not the point, We are born than we live and we die, we live in a cycle of life. Defying death is another way for rich people to say, We are aliens. I wouldn't want to be no part of it at all. Just kill me now before our society gets turned to crap by all the politicians!

cheer up!
I agree with Ryox. We're part of nature. We've got to go through the cycle we're intended to go through. If we try and cheat it, it will probably get its revenge on us in ways that are already a problem for us. I.e. overpopulation and a growing scarcity of quality and quantity of resources.
chasbeen wrote:
Most of us fade don't we...

Sadly. A friend of mine recently just dropped at work from clogged arteries causing a heart attack. Fortunately, a co-worker preformed CPR. He is getting better.
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