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Is LAMP safe in uBuntu?


I am new to Linux but managed to install a LAMP server so I can develop locally. When I used WAMP I had the option to put server online.

Is there a way for me to have level of control over in uBuntu...

thank you
Yes, LAMP can be used as a production server. It is probably not secure enough in its default configuration however. I recommend reading about configuring security features before using it as a public server.

Linux can be customized in very flexible ways. I sometimes have a hard time finding good advice for it though, especially if I am using features which are being developed rapidly.
Da Rossa
Yes, it is secure, as long as you know the specific tweaks. Actually, when it comes to security, you should never take the default settings for granted (I didn't say you necessarily have to alter something). It's all about setup.

Maybe you could try setting it up on CentOS too. Has a 'even-more-secure' reputation. Ubuntu is good though.
If you're running ubuntu and I installed LAMP, you're running a server on your local machine.
If you want to test a website, don't install Apache, mysql and php on your machine but run it on a VM.
That is if you are running it locally in the sense of your localhost.
Installiing a separate Lamp server on other hardware on your local network is another story ( what sonlight and da rossa said).

Edit: I've been running debian servers at home for a while now and I keep them offline , meaning that they are not reachable from outside my LAN and haven't had any issues so far.
Google 'hardening linux' and you'l get more then enough info
Marcuzzo wrote:
don't install Apache, mysql and php on your machine but run it on a VM.

Virtual machines are best. Simply install Virtualbox and download a Debian or centos image to create a new VM with.
Da Rossa
All I learned was using virtual machines. I downloaded VirtualBox and tried almost all of the major Linux distributions, including the desktopless ones, like CentOS minimal. You should try it!
I've got a headless ubuntu running for a while now and I'm running apache on it with php and mysql.
I've also goy a few services running on it which use python to serve tje pages.

This is running directly on hardware because the box is tiny and doesn't have room or power to run more servers. I think that the hypervisor alone would eat away at the cpu (atom) and memory 1gig.

If I should ever buy new hardware I will run esx on it. System messed up... No biggy, revert snapshot.
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