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mice and a new hobby

I'd been disturbed by mice in the apartment.

I had thought some solutions but all of which are not good:
    trapping: I feel mice are disgusting. they are dirty. I would rather not look at them, let alone handle it if I caught one.

    poison: You never know where the dead body will be. The corpse will rotten, terrible.

    snake: it eats mice, but it will scare people around.

until one night I searched the web and found that mint plants will drive them away.

They do!

Now I'm happy with it and have a new hobby of cultivating mint.
so your mint plants still help you keep away the mice in your flat? or how does it work? do you do the mint-gardening outside of your house, around the house, or in the rooms?
Simply buying mint leaves (hopefully aromatic ones) and leaving them around the house should be sufficient. It is not necessary to grow them if you don't want to. But if gardening appeals to you, it's an opportunity to grow something useful, since the mint leaves are edible and quite enjoyable.

I would probably prefer to grow some mint in pots in the house, since that would automatically take care of the problem. On the other hand, lots of spice plants keep away garden pests, so the mint might help if you have a garden plot outside. When you pick the mint, just remember to leave some out to repel the mice from the house. Also, I think it would be a pleasant aroma, so I would be willing to leave lots of it out.
Anyone else who can confirm the impact of mint plants on mice, so that they keep the mice away from a certain place?
I would have tried to catch the mouse in a sort of trap that keeps the mouse trapped alive, and then you can carry it to a nearby wood or something, where it can live without producing bigger problems to some home...
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