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a huge vacuum cleaner for beijings smog

to do something against the smog in beijing, some european designers come up with the idea of a giant ionic air cleaner, just to have at least one park with clean air...
i just wonder if it is an amazing idea or not, if it's european way of thinking or if it fits quite well to the chinese? also what they want to do with the filtered carbon powder doesn't seem that convincing to me...
anyway, here's the youtube clip, you can easily start at 3:00 and skip the beginning.
The problem with technologies like these (if they even work in the first place), is that they merely solve the symptoms of the problem, rather than the causes. You can use these to clean the air of smog, but there's still going to be factories, cars, and power plants that emit the same amount of pollution as they always do. You can clean it only temporarily.

I say that it serves as a good stop-gap measure until something more permanent happens. It can't be the only solution in a vacuum. You need to be able to implement mitigation measures to ensure that pollution emissions are still going to be lower than they are now. Otherwise you'll just end up having to build more and more of these cleaners to keep up with the same level of air quality that you want.

It's also definitely not as efficient as reducing pollution from the source. You will have to spend more money to research and build these things instead of researching ideas to increase the efficiency of the pollution emitters in order to reduce the overall amount of air pollution in the sky.
the ironic twist of the story might be that those air cleaners are powered with electricity from some coal power plant, so that in an other place even more people choke because of the clean air of the privileged dwellers at the air-cleaner-park... 'solution of a problem' in europa is traditionally equivalent to 'put the whole shit on the more poor guys head'
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