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How many online games can you play every day?

I've played a lot of freemium online games that are expected to be played daily. Games like Tapped out, facebook games, etc. The kind of games that all try to make you to celebrate every holiday with a long huge event that usually want your life to revolve around their game the whole time.

I'm always reluctant to get into a new game because if I get hooked, it always ends with me gradually stopping playing a game that I've been playing for years.

For me it's about 6 games. How many of those type of (mobile and non-mobile) games do you think you can play every day?
I think I can just play one game at a time. I'm currently hooked up to Clash of Clans in my smartphone. I recently completed Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in my PS3. Looking to stop playing Clash of Clans and complete my other games for my PS3 like Skyrim and Assassin's Creed 3 and a few Call of Duty games.
I do play ufc on ps4 alot... mostly trolling folks Smile and I can play some gta5 too.
I have lately played that free wwI fly game online, and it is quite fun! on ps4 too
Everyday I play World of Warcraft, Aion, Ark: Survival Evolved and League of Legends. If i am not playing those games, I am probably playing another single player game.
silverdown wrote:
Everyday I play World of Warcraft, Aion, Ark: Survival Evolved and League of Legends. If i am not playing those games, I am probably playing another single player game.

It sounds very time-consuming.
How can you do that?
Did you earn money by broadcasting your playing?
I play online chess.
So I can play during one day very many games.
For example I played about ten chess games.
Everyday I like to play World of warcraft and call of duty black ops.
right now pop song 2 is of interest, new version where there is a party play function. quite fun.
At a time, I played in my pc 3 or 4 hour in a day ^^'', but with high school and hobbies(boxing), I can't go so much in games, then I play when week end come Razz
none anymore, obsessed with fallout 4
My computer is burning so I play low poly games like Begone or Red crucible 2 on web browser.
They are made with Unity, it's FPS war games.
Right now i only play Elder Scrolls Online (its better than you may think) and Rocket League with some friends, because it's so casual i can relax even playing ranked.
I've never played too many online games in a short period of time. I tended to start with one and keep on at it for a long time until I got bored. Now I don't even play online games. I play reality, which is kind of as fun, though I'd still love to visit some games that I left behind, like Dofus and Runescape. However, my computer and my internet are very slow, so I cannot play them. Confused
I've never played in online games too many. The last games in which I played online is Project Zomboid Build 34.28 . Besides, now I've slow internet connection.
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