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Are you visited Granada in Spain?

Hi I need your help from a study job, please help me.

This is a survey to see how many of you have visited Granada and what is more I like the visit, sights , cuisine, climate places etc.

Thank you for your time.

pd: if not ye visited is one of the places in the world that you can not lose you .

Laughing Very Happy
I havn't been so much around the cities in denmark, I've mostly been in the town Christiania.
There is some nice bars so you could have a drink whenever u feel like and they have a lot of different varies of food that i can't even describe because it was so delicious.
Yeah! Guys I am interested in Granada which is famous historically,its most vibrant Spain's city. I have visited there and enjoyed many entertaining things such as rich in culture,popular trekking, vibrant culture and nightlife etc.. Parks and Gardens are in great numbers and the tourist's first choice.
I can't remember the exact year but I toured Andalucia a couple of years ago, and I also visited Granada. There is plenty to see, and according to Tripadvisor the No. 1 place is Alhambra.

I am originally from Spain and, yes, definitely Granada is a place nobody should miss.

It is in Andalucia, in the South of Spain, so weather is quite good. Hot in summer and mild in winter.

Definitely an historic place. It used to be the capital of one of the Kingdoms that ruled Spain before it was United (from 700 A.C to around 1500 A.C). So lots of great historics places and Architecture. Alhambra is probably the most important and has been named of the new seven Wonders of the World.

Besides its historic monuments Granada is a great place for food, music and culture. Probably one of the world capitals for Flamenco, a Spanish type of music.

And if that wasn't enough, a little known thing ... if you visit in Winter you can go skying. Granada sits at the bottom of a very tall mountain, so if you go up the mountain (30 mins by car) you are in what is probably the Southern most ski resort in Europe. Not as big as the resorts in the Alps or the Pirenees but definitely some good skiing, with great weather ... and you can even see Africa from the top while skiing if the day is clear.

So yes, do visit Granada and I hope you enjoy it!!
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