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winter pants

I am in the Philippines and i don't have any idea what to wear for pants in country where there is winter/snow season?

I tried to google and some says layer is an ideal some say purchase a winter pants which i dont like because its too expensive and i am just to travel for 7 days where i cannot use in my country.

Can some one advise me what to wear?
It kind of depends on what you're intending to do.
I mean, most of the time I just wear jeans... but if I'm going skiing, or hiking or something I may wear long underwear and/or an outer shell (Gore-Tex or the like) to keep dry as well. There are many options depending on what you intend to be doing, how cold it is, whether it's actively snowing/raining, and how long you expect to be exposed.
Big thing for me when I first visited Canada was that the indoors is VERY HOT because of heating. One lives in an artificial climate for most of the day, both at work and at home so only those who need to spend plenty of time in the outdoors need to worry about winter pants. I remember in Calgary I would go to work wearing summer clothing (jeans and t-shirt), heavy boots and a very thick coat. Once at work every one would take off layers of boots, coat, and they were wearing SUMMER clothing underneath as it was too hot for anything more than that. Same going home. It was stifling hot in the apartment I was living, and I couldn't even get them to turn the heat off. When I moved to Vancouver later first thing I did was to ask them to shut off the heat at home. In Vancouver, thankfully, it was not as hot at work as it had been in Calgary. Kind'a crazy and difficult to believe but that is how it works in winter time.

Now that I'm in the Middle East it's the direct opposite. During the epic heat of the summer we are just about freezing indoors and have to wear winter clothing. At least at home I get to control the AC, but it is as artificial as it is in Canada in reverse mode.
It's all about the layers. Like Ankhanu and Deanhills mentioned if you won't be spending much time outside jeans should be fine.

I personally like a thin lightweight base layer (commonly called long underwear) some are made of cotton, polypropylene or other synthetic. This helps wick sweat away from your skin keeping you warmer and are nice and tight on your skin to keep it warm.

Layers are always better so you can easily take some off or put more on as the temp changes, or your activity level changes.

Moral of the story is get a nice think fleece sweater, wear a t-shirt underneath and a thick coat when you are outside but most of all bring a beanie (insulated hat) and gloves. Unless your outside for more than a few minutes your legs shouldn't get that cold (if you are walking).
I have to agree with those that posted above - Jeans, maybe some that have a heavier weave though.
I think I should clarify that while I wear jeans when it's cold, jeans (denim and cotton in general) are not a warm article of clothing and really kinda suck in winter. If they stay dry, they're about as good as any other given pant, but, in winter things rarely stay dry Razz Dampened cotton/jeans is terrible for heat retention and will quickly wick heat away from the body. It also holds a lot of water, making it hard to dry off, and gets heavy and chaffy. In short, jeans are more of a liability in winter than you might think.

For actual warmth, nothing beats good wool. Unlike cotton, wet wool is still has good insulating properties... and if you buy good stuff, it's not itchy Wink
Polypropylene fleece (e.g. polar fleece) is also pretty good, with similar properties to wool, though it often needs to be thicker to get the same insulation.

It shouldn't come up, but it could... you need to be a bit careful with most synthetics around fire/flame. When they get hit by a spark, they have a tendency to melt to skin, or straight up burn. Cotton or wool will be damaged, but tend to just end up with a hole, rather than melting to the skin.
I don't think it's necessarily one type of clothing that you should wear in the winter or when it's cold. generally, I wear more than one layer, even for pants, if it is really cold. You can definitely do something like wear snow pants which are water proof and hold up really well in cold weather, but they are very puffy and not very mobile. Plus, you look pretty stupid wearing them most of the time, and if you have to dress fancy or whatnot for work, it's not a very feasible solution.

Instead, you can wear long underwear or other types of thermal to keep your legs warm during the winter time. I do agree that wool is the best material for cold weather because it keeps warm even when it's wet. But wearing thin layers under what you would normally wear (pajama pants or long stockings or long johns) is the best solution where you get the most mobility and versatility and still be able to wear whatever it is that you normally wear.
I mean jeans and occasionally long underwear. However I'm not usually outside long. It also depends on where you are going. If its just cold and not snowing it will be different. However even in the snow around here I'm more worried about wearing a nice pair of boats rather than worrying about a good pair of pants but thats just me.
Winter pants is for the weak Smile
Until you get an infection!
The temperature matters a lot.

0 C ~ Not much to worry about. If you just move around and keep dry normal jeans/pants is often enough.
-10 C ~ If you are planning to stay outside more than a couple of minutes you probably should wear an extra layer underneath your pants.
-20 C ~ Be careful. Dress properly.

The wind also matters. You get cold much easier in the wind.

And don't forget wearing something on your head.
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