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I dont know if this qualifias as a sport but its sure alot of fun..

For those of you who dont know what it's bacicly rinning around jumping over fences and over rooftops ect.

Its a really good social sport too;), i would advice everyone to take a look into it
Of course it's a sport, actually it's and extreme-sport. One of the greatest outdoor (or indoor also) sports.

Me and my friends hold this parkour-team, that we are planning on making own homepages too. It will contain lots of videos of our tricks and of course many pictures also.

I live in Finland, where Parkour has had a big footstep on media: It's on newspaper, TV, internet, just about everywhere. Even I was in one TV-news where they introduced Parkour to people.

It's a shame though that in Finland there are not many good "spots" to practice. For example, I have to travel to Helsinki to get some good tricks coming (it's the nearest city for me to go to).

Some things that might give advantage comparing other newbies, is the other hobbies that you may have. A person who has never done parkour before might beat some other person on tricks if he/she has done wallclimbing or acrobatics or maybe Capoeira.

...This message went a little long, but as far as I know, it's only a good thing. The subject was close to me anyways.
That's great fun! Do you ever jump in bushes as well?? I totally love it...My roommate and I climb fences a lot. and rails. And chase trains...not really. But yeah, great fun.
I have to admit that I haven't made my quota in bush-jumping... That sounds like fun though but where would I find a bush to jump? Only bushes here are on people's front yard.

Now that I think of it, I do jump on snow very much on winter. Maybe that's just like it, or at least close of it. In Finland there's snow on ground quite long, comparing to some other countries. That means more time to jump and throw vaults.
Of course it's a sport, actually it's and extreme-sport. One of the greatest outdoor (or indoor also) sports.
Atually most if not all people are still unsure on this outlook for example, I personally consider it to be a neither; rather being all of them (like a tower, you exclude one and it becomes instable and is incomplete), however some people have suggested that it is an art form. Or even prehaps, an philosophy although some people aproach it as being a discipline for example many adherents describe it as a 'way of life.' Although this is all still on unstable grounds. But again most refuse to classify it and therefore keep it 'free'.

As to cheezay2000's comment of,
Do you ever jump in bushes as well?? I totally love it...
Not to offend you or anything along those lines, but doing things like that then basically saying that what your doing is parkour. Will and does, give what is intentinally good; a bad name. Always remember, that a traceur or parkour practitioner should have complete respect of their enviroment, for they require it to move and practice.
Parkour is a very intense and vibrating activity....

i've tried it several times in diferent places it gives us a sense of freedom and power.

i've really enjoyed it.

this year i want to become more proeficient in it.

im *gasp* snowboardude
For anyone who is interested in parkour feel free to check out which is in fact, currently ranked as the world's most popular parkour resource.
Well i saw it long time ago in TV, there was Belle and other franch guys from Yamakasi (i watched film also) and i liked it. I wanted to start training, but im training fight sports now. And i get to uni so i have to learn a lot.

Still i have to strech more, and work on my arm strength to have a good start in it. And maybe i start in some monhts Very Happy
Yeah parkour is pretty cool to look at, some stuff is quite impressive... personally I don't feel like jumping from heights onto concrete though: I've had a lot of knee troubles after all.

I prefer tricking.
Lol i wanna start tricking. I'm scared of doing backflips though and i've read that backflips aint scary.

Oh yeah and parkour I quit that -_-. No places to parkour, one time I was doin parkour with my friend and we started hoppin fences and vaulting over rails then we ended up in somebodys backyard. They were eating their lunch Laughing
I've seen some videos of this and it looks like great fun, although I don't think I'm agile enough to pull it off. I'd probably give it a go though, and end up in hospital.
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