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Online resources for learning guitar

I started learning guitar a little over a year ago. I know some people who play, and they have been really helpful, but I have learned most of what I know from the internet. Some of you might not be old enough to remember what the world was like before the internet, but it wasn't a place where you could just decide to learn something. Old guys like me think it's pretty cool that you can do that now, so I decided to start this topic as a place for us to share what resources we have found useful. Here are two of my favorites:

Youtube, of course, is a great place to start. Specifically, a guy named Marty Schwartz has a whole channel of videos ( I think he does a good job of explaining things.

I also like They have a great chord chart ( Way better than those posters you used to see.

Anybody else?
youtube is the best way to know guitar and other learning techniques because it has video to show and audio. seems like you are on the school where you can feel and view how to learn.

Of course, this will also depends on you how eager you want to know. students must study there home work.

Good luck!
Da Rossa
This is not guitar-specific but this site is an awesome resource for "DIY Learning" for a broad range of subjects:
I wonder if khanacadamy intents to add more Music Basics. They have Notes and Rythm, next they need Scales and Keys.
a nice thing i found was chordify, here you have it with a song as example:
if you are searching some chord for a song - it might work with just anything you have on u-tube -
this site somehow calculates the chords for you.

although, sometimes it misses the right one, sort of like google translate is only an approximation to a real translation, but just listen to your ears and you will find out, if something is wrong.

and then it is great to play along some song, you have the chords right there, you can repeat certain parts just as you want, etc...

it is rather for slightly advanced guitarists, but as you know, you never stop learning!
Try to play thing you like, and youtube is full of everything in guitar lesson...
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