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Are there any Roblox players here?

GShocked is a great game for building games, scripts, communities, money, etc. It is all free and they host the games for you almost instantly with the click of one button. You can make a game without preset items (Like in minecraft or other building games) allowing you to make whatever genre you want. It comes with a custom programming language that is being upgraded often known as Roblox.Lua. It is a very simple language like Python but is very powerful. You can make decals, models, animations, etc. with free hosting for your assets. You can even make groups, clans, and communities allowing you to build an empire of friends with similar interests. There is even a trade currency exchange with their virtual currencies that you can earn by getting people to play your game or buy your product. There is a catalog where you can sell your items that you made. There in the catalog are also "limited" items that sell at whatever the owner is selling for, allowing for trade and profit if you are good at it! There is a forum with several sections like suggestions and Let's Make a Deal. You can even trade your earned virtual currency for earned and taxed income using DevEx. Lastly, I'd like to leave off with advertising which allows you to promote your games and products to help you make more money with your stuff that you made.

All of this is designed for ages seven and Roblox corp. has built it to millions of active players.
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