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Photoshop turns 25


Of course, Photoshop has never worked on this ugly mug because the monitor breaks immediately upon having my picture display.
Hitting 25 is like a big milestone for this software. It's almost as old as me.

The first photoshop that I used was Photoshop 7. I think it was like 10 years ago. I've upgraded to newer versions of photoshop all the time, but I still use the same features that I used in Photoshop 7. I never got to using the new features.
The oldest version I remember is Photoshop 6. That was more than 15 years ago ! Those days Photoshop had a competitor called Macromedia Freehand. It was more Desktop publishing than web related things. Anyway later Adobe bought Macromedia company for four billion usd and terminated that software.

Like playfungames said most of us use just same set of features for most of our work. Right now I use Photoshop CS5 and I have no idea how it's different from Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop CS6.
They've actually put the 25 number on the recent version splash screen. But here comes 2016, wonder what they are going to add next time to the functions.
Da Rossa
So what about the future of the Great Photoshop? I've heard people either using Paint.NET for a great variety of tasks, else switching to GIMP, or using Adobe's own products instead, like Lightroom and Indesign.
Plus, I've heard of a Mac-only competitor around: Sketch

So, will Photoshop get to 30 with the same market share?
So, will Photoshop get to 30 with the same market share?

Photoshop has basically become a monster. What I don't like is how heavy it is. There are many pros to it, but if there was a real alternative for Windows... Rolling Eyes I mean, you still don't get some of PS' features with the Gimp or the others...or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's still up to you and how you master PS to get the desired results. Rolling Eyes
I agree. Photoshop is very heavy on resources. I remember the last time I had it a few years ago it caused my computer to freeze up. Next time I get Photoshop I'll make sure to double up on my computer specs first.
Da Rossa
I've been struggling to find decent free software to match the industry leaders. For daily simple things, Paint.NET is the way to go. Gimp appears to be solid, albeit having its own learning curve.

About other comparisons, I've been deeply into LibreOffice Writer to see if it can outmatch Microsoft Word, but I have found three things it beats the free rival: styles are more consistent and less bug-prone-upon-applying, the ribbon interface does make your job easier and there is no Styleref field in Writer, or at least I couldn't find a similar feature to create a variable header.

I bet Photoshop has its own set of exclusive features.
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